Drew McIntyre Wants Willie Nelson To Sing 'Broken Dreams' As He Enters SummerSlam 2022 In Nashville

Drew McIntyre wants a country rendition of his old theme sung by Willie Nelson at WWE SummerSlam.

Next year, SummerSlam will be held in Nashville, Tennessee for the first time. Also, SummerSlam will be held in July for the first time ever.

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One of WWE's biggest strengths is the integration of celebrity appearances and elaborate entrances at events of this magnitude. Drew McIntyre, who is one of the top Superstars, and is now on SmackDown following the WWE Draft.

Drew McIntyre, who now lives in Nashville, is excited to be the hometown boy at next year's event. Speaking on the latest Battleground Podcast, McIntyre teased the idea of having a country-western entrance with his old theme song, “Broken Dreams,” sung by a country legend like Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson is a WWE fan and sang America the Beautiful at WrestleMania 7 in 1991.

"Yes, awesome. Nashville deserves it. This was always one of my favorite places to wrestle at the Bridgestone when I didn't live in Nashville. But now that I've been here for a few months, I've interacted with, you know, the locals like they truly love wrestling. They truly love WWE and deserve a pay-per-view of this magnitude. SummerSlam is one of our big 4 events of the year and the fact is going to be in a stadium. It's going to be in the Nissan Stadium and I'm the hometown boy now, the Scottish Warrior, originally, but now I'm the Nashville Warrior, the Scottish Cowboy, the hometown boy, very excited about it. Wear my cowboy boots, got my cowboy hat, wear the coat. That's something I wear in real life, for real."

He continued, "Everyone's been asking for [Broken Dreams], so they better all know the words to it. Let's make it happen. SummerSlam. Main event. Fight Roman Reigns for the title. Willie Nelson singing 'Broken Dreams' to the ring. Boom. Love it."

Elaborating on the fight with Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre would say that he is okay with playing the long game and waiting for a match with Roman even if it takes as long as waiting till SummerSlam because he understands that WWE runs 52 weeks a year and it's all about creating the biggest event possible.

"Yeah, I mean, that's obviously the inevitable goal. I want to be champion, I want to be top of the brand. Roman Reigns is not just top of SmackDown he's on top of WWE right now. He's got the years of equity, and everything that he's done prior to this current run and he's on the run of his life right now. Maybe some dodgy finishes involving his family, but nonetheless, he is incredibly talented. He's as good as he says he is. I'm not going to start coming out and saying, 'You know what, I'm gonna fight him next week for the title.' I'm perfectly fine and have been around for a long time and understand that it's all about the long game, you know, we're 52 weeks a year in WWE and just like I started from the bottom and work my way to the top on Monday Night Raw, I'm willing to do the same on SmackDown or fight whoever I have to fight.

"SummerSlam's — we got a few months yet before SummerSlam comes around at Nissan Stadium. So I'm going to work my butt off till then try and get that title match, get a huge match with Roman Reigns, and inevitably be Universal Champion."

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