Dustin Rhodes On Himself, Jericho, Moxley & Cody Teaching Young AEW Talent How To Work For TV

Even after all these years in professional wrestling, Dustin Rhodes still has a passion for the industry burning brightly in his soul.

Speaking to The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Dustin Rhodes spoke about helping the younger stars of All Elite Wrestling find their footing and navigate through the treacherous pitfalls of live television.

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"A lot of them do not know and I think they are handling it pretty good. There are still some things every single week that I see that I go up to them and I tell them," Dustin began. "A lot of times, not all of them but every once in a while, somebody will turn around and face the audience and I'm like okay stop. The next time you do that, don't do that and turn around because I need you to find your cameras on this side of the arena over here. The million people at home want to see you not four, five, or 6,000 in the arena, I want the people at home and your camera is here and your camera is here. That's a transition for them to learn because they are coming from the indies and they never had that. Guys like Chris Jericho, myself, Moxley, Cody are teaching that, and it is very important for them to learn. We've got three months in now and they are doing good and they are starting to be cognizant of where those cameras are and lifting their heads up because they know the camera is right there to make them look good and the people at home get to see them. If you are looking the other way, they just see your ass and they want to see you."

Dustin Rhodes also spoke about the emotional segment where MJF whipped his brother, Cody. Read his take on that emotional segment at this link.

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