Dustin Rhodes Talks Cody Rhodes AEW Departure: Dad Would Always Say 'Take The Money'

Dustin Rhodes talks about Cody Rhodes’ decision to go back to WWE and the advice their father, Dusty Rhodes would give that likely impacted Cody Rhodes' decision.

Cody Rhodes in 2022, has been one of the hottest new stories and wrestling as he left AEW, a company which he helped get off the ground, to go back to WWE and he has made it clear, he wants to be WWE Champion in honor of his father, who never officially had that honor.

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Speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Dustin Rhodes says he was happy for Cody and he believes that Cody’s passion is very authentic.

"I knew dad always wanted us to be happy and he [Dusty Rhodes] would have his suggestions like that and try to lead us in the right way," said Dustin. "But ultimately, these are our decisions, right? Money is money, and dad would always say, 'Take the money.' He always said, 'Take the money,' and I know, just me watching it [Cody’s first promo after WWE WrestleMania 38] and seeing dad up there on the screen and talking about him and Cody’s very passionate about his promos, about everything single word that he’s gonna say which is very important, right? Especially for that first one, which was very important. You’re making a huge impact on a lot of people. It's the first time you’ve been back in years, he did it, and I know dad would be happy. He’s sitting in the rafters. That’s where I pictured him when me and Cody wrestled at Double or Nothing, right?"

Furthermore, Dustin said he'll never wrestle Cody again, claiming the first match took a lot out of him.

"I've talked about this a lot over the last couple of years, having an opportunity to work with my brother, and not knowing what to expect with the AEW audience and no idea of I'm gonna get any reaction at all, and just the fact that we went out there, and I got a reaction, and the match was like, just for me and him, perfect. It was a long time coming that we weren't allowed in WWE to do. Not Stardust vs. Goldust, I mean just serious brother versus brother. It's hard to do. It's hard to do as you look at all the brothers versus brothers. There's nothing good to come from them, right? I'll never do it again. I'll never wrestle him again. It did a lot to me that night."

Dustin says he misses his brother but knows that Cody is still a young guy and is happy to see him going out and chasing his dreams.

"I was happy for him but I was also — I missed him already and I miss him being here but I know he’s young and you know, let’s go. Go do your thing so I’m very happy for him and I’m like, ‘Hey man, more power to you. Go get that title and win it all and do your stuff.’"

Cody Rhodes, in the months since his departure, has maintained that he is very satisfied with his time in AEW but it was simply time to take care of some unfinished business. Learn more here.

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