Eddie Edwards Says Baseball Bat Incident Was The Scariest Moment Of His Career

Impact star Eddie Edwards spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for an interview. You can check out the full interview above or at this link, and see highlights below.

The baseball bat incident was the scariest moment of his career:
"Yeah, no doubt about it. It wasn't even a pain thing. It was that shock! All of a sudden, I felt it in my eye! My first thought was, "Is my eye on the mat? Is my eye hanging out of my face? Am I going to lose my vision?" All those, that whirlwind of emotion going through my head. That is by far, by far the scariest moment of my career so far... Knock on wood!"

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Alisha Edwards being involved in the feud:
"It's cool. Before we were traveling together, you never know how it is going to go. It's like, "All right, we live together. We do everything else together. Now, lets go work together!" That might have been the scariest part! But, it's been cool. It's been fun. It is nice having her by my side even if it is just traveling. It is a comforting thing for me. It is a little scary having her in the ring and the stuff we're doing. You know, she is my wife! I always want her to be safe. But, when certain things come up for violence to happen to her, it can be worrisome. But, I know how good she is. I know how tough she is too! Especially with this feud, it was like, "All right, here's this big feud. Here's the pool, the deep end. Lets see if you sink or swim!" She's definitely been swimming. It's been awesome to see her go out and help this feud that has been going on and has been one of the biggest things ever in my career."


On the cross-over with Lucha Underground and potential for more events like that one:
"Pro wrestling is a strange, strange world right now. That's a good thing. You've got companies working together, partnerships. You've got guys working here, working there. It is a great time for wrestling and I think Impact is in a position to really capitalize on that. I would love us to do more shows with other well known companies. THe more we get to work with each other, the better for the boys and the better for the fans!"

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