Eddie Edwards Says He'll Keep Riding With The Tommy Dreamer Comparisons

Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter interviewed Eddie Edwards ahead of Slammiversary. You can see highlights below and the full interview at this link.

His character resembling a younger Dreamer:
"It is something that happened and, obviously, it is something you're going to keep on riding with. Two weeks ago, you got to see the classic ECW Tommy Dreamer promo. He's bloody, he's talking crap to me... That is what people have wanted to see. That's the beast, the monster that I've created along the way. It is an interesting story we have going on. As you said, mirror images. He's trying to stop me from what he had become. Why stop me? He's this Hardcore Legend. Why is he trying to stop me from becoming a legend? Trying to cement my legacy? And then, of course, there's the emotion. This all stemmed from Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer and my wife getting involved. This is emotion. This is something that anybody can feel. Anybody that has been hurt or wronged or thinks they've been wronged, this is something they can watch and feel. This is emotion and I think that's something that we can play with."

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Tmmy saying he was nervous keeping up with Eddie:
"I think that is a solid concern on his part. The same goes for me going into a House of Hardcore match. He was part of the original ECW - The man who created this violence. He is the "Innovator of Violence". I know that. It is kind of this meshing of styles, putting he and I in a blender and seeing what comes out! (laughs) I'm looking forward to taking what he's got. Does he still have it? Is he still that Tommy Dreamer that everybody loves? Lets have a House of Hardcore match on the biggest pay per view of the year in front of a sold out crowd!"


Adopting a character versus just being a wrestler before:
"I think everyone watching knows it is completely different for me. Throughout my whole career, it is something that I haven't done. It really has gotten the creative juices flowing. It is kind of a breath of fresh air - Not that I didn't enjoy what I was doing before. I love wrestling. But now, getting the chance to film these off sight vignettes and filming these things with Tommy. It is a nice change of pace and something I've really enjoyed doing because it is something I've never done. I get to see how creative I can be in this situation. It is a collaborative thing. Everybody has their input and I get to get out there and be a whole different person. This is a complete 180 for me and my character. To go out there and cut these promos and beat people up with kendo sticks and to slowly but surely lose my mind... I've definitely enjoyed it!"


"It is a little bit of both of course. In certain situations, of course I'm worried for her safety but I know what she's capable of. Every time she's been put in a situation, she's delivered. There's no second guessing the decisions to bring her in. I'm looking forward to seeing what she's going to do and how she's going to run with the ball when she's given it."

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