Eddie Kingston: Being EVPs Was Too Hard For The Young Bucks

Eddie Kingston has a message for both Matt and Nick Jackson who he says maybe bit off more than they can chew while trying to be active wrestlers and executives of a wrestling company.

Eddie Kingston has been feuding with The Elite since the end of AEW Revolution in March. Specifically, Eddie has targeted The Young Bucks and looks to challenge them once again at AEW Road Rager for the Tag Team Championship alongside Penta El Zero M.

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Speaking with Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone, Kingston would say that to him, Matt and Nick Jackson legitimately are the greatest tag team in the world. However, he thinks their change in attitude is because they weren't able to handle their executive responsibilities.

“I don’t even want to call it a promo, ’cause it’s facts to me. They’re the best tag team in the world, the Young Bucks are and that’s proven by being the World Tag Team Champions. That’s it, it proves it. Have they done it not in their normal ‘hooray’ way? No, my biggest problem with them is because they're both children, childs, babies. Not because of what they do in the ring and all that other stuff that people want to bash on them,” he explained. “It’s because ‘being the EVP’ was too hard for them. That kind of annoys me, man. People look up to them in the locker room and people look at them as the example of them doing it your way, you know what I mean? And then they’re going to come out here and ‘Oh, it’s too hard so we’re go start burying people’ and ‘oh now we’re just gonna start acting like assholes and Don Callis, and us and Kenny, we’re the original club, and Bullet…’ and I don’t even know any of that stuff.

Kingston continued, “Cause the bottom line is man, you shouldn’t have took the jobs if it’s too hard. That bothers me. Then you go with the whole thing with Mox, and then you go with taking out people, you know what I mean? Talking about your sneakers and all that. Where I come from when you talk about how much you got? That means that’s how much I’m gonna take. You see what I’m saying? So keep your mouth shut. I don’t like that ego shit. Like I cut off a lot of people in my life recently. Once I hear them say anything too crazy or egotistical,” Kingston noted, “I go ‘Yo, I’m out.’ I don’t want to deal with that, dog! And that’s what they’re doing. And that’s the problem. And look, they wanted this match, not me. I was ready just to fight whatever. I get paid to go in the ring and show a fight, do a fight, be a fight, that’s it. Live it.”

The upcoming Tag Team Championship match at AEW Road Rager is now a Street Fight. Learn more here.

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