Eddie Kingston: If I Signed With WWE In 2010, I Would've Been Fired In Three Minutes

In the build-up to their AEW Full Gear match, Eddie Kingston has railed against Jon Moxley for selling out and leaving the Independents behind.

Kingston believes that when Moxley left the Independent scene to sign with WWE, he didn't stick to his guns and didn't do enough to boost the Independent scene during that time.

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Speaking to TSN, Kingston elaborated on his beef with Moxley.

"I’m not going to forget where I came from,” Kingston said. “When I go on Twitter and see a guy from the independents doing something different and cool, I’m going to tell people about it. One of my main problems with Mox is that he didn’t use his popularity or social media with all of his followers and everything to put over places that he used to be at or people he used to run with. So I still have that outlaw, independent mindset. To me, that’s what AEW was built on. That’s why I think I would be the perfect champion for them because I have the outlaw spirit, just like [AEW executive vice presidents] the Bucks, Kenny [Omega] and Cody do. They did things their way and now look where they’re at.”

Would Eddie have "sold out" the same way Moxley did if he had signed with WWE a decade ago?

"No, because knowing me, I would have gotten fired three minutes in if I went when Mox went,” Kingston said. “Again, this is why I have a little bit of beef with Mox, because he started playing the game. I probably would have, at that point in time and especially at that age and what was going on in my life, gotten fired three minutes in because I wouldn’t bend. I wouldn’t have bent like he did.”

Kingston had an offer from WWE following his appearance on AEW Dynamite when he answered Cody's open challenge, but took AEW's offer instead. You can find Eddie's comments on choosing AEW over WWE by clicking here.

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Kingston and Moxley are set to meet face-to-face on Wednesday's episode of Dynamite. Fightful will have live coverage of AEW Dynamite beginning at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

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