Edge And Christian Enjoyed Johnny Gargano And Tommaso Ciampa's Unsanctioned Match

Edge and Christian saw a lot of positive things at NXT Takeover: New Orleans.

On E & C's Pod of Awesomeness, Edge and Christian discussed Johnny Gargano's victory in an unsanctioned match against his former tag team partner Tommaso Ciampa. The two former WWE Tag Team Champions said the match told a great story.

"They had a great match, (Gargano) and Tommaso Ciampa. I really enjoyed that match. It was so different than the previous Takeover and the match with Almas. This was like the blood feud. It was interesting seeing them doing that. It was a very cool," said Edge.

Christian would add insight on why an emotional match can be more important than an NXT Championship match.

"I think in that instance it's a different kid of emotion. There was nothing on the line here except for both guys hate each other. It's one of those type of matches where you have to get the feel that a person would hate to lose more than they'd love to win. They told that story well," said Christian. "I think when you have emotion, sometimes emotion is even bigger than the title and that's why they were on last," he added.

Also during the podcast, Edge and Christian discussed the rest of the NXT Takeover: New Orleans card and interviewed NXT Champion Aleister Black.

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