Edge and Christian Want Guys To "Use Their Head" Before They Tweet, Talk WWE Releases

Emma’s release from WWE came as quite the surprise given her appearances at WWE: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs and Raw the following night. While most were upset to see their colleague and friend let go by the company, NXT superstar Lio Rush tried to find some humor.


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He tweeted out, “I guess these are the things that happen when you’re not TRULY ready for Asuka.”


Only he found the humor in that tweet. He was taken to task by his WWE and NXT peers, who called for the 22-year-old to show some respect. Rush later apologized, but it’s unlikely that his remark will soon be forgotten. 


Former WWE tag team champions Edge & Christian weighed in on the topic on their Pod of Awesomeness. First, they addressed the actual release of Emma.


Christian: (Emma’s release) was a little bit surprising. She had a pretty good showing, I thought, the last month or so on TV and the pay-per-view against Asuka.


Edge: If you watch her history of work and her and Paige for the first NXT women’s championship, she can go. Just a lot of times you don’t get the opportunity to necessarily show it.


Christian: I feel like she’s the type of performer that will go out and become stronger and do some things. I wouldn’t be shocked to see her back someday. 


Then, they moved on to Rush’s tweet that sent the wrestling world ablaze. 


Christian: I guess he had meant it to be cool or funny. Yes, the guy made a mistake, he probably regrets doing what he did. We talked about it before with social media, just think before you push the “send” button. Read it over a couple of times and be like, “What am I sending out there?” Because once it’s out there, it’s out there. Use your head. Use some common sense


Edge: Talent and brains don’t always go hand-in-hand. I don’t know the kid, but definitely not a good idea because you’re now making a joke about someone’s livelihood. 


Christian: Not only that, it’s a guy that obviously hasn’t accomplished anything near what Emma has accomplished. Not a smart thing to do. Not just for him. For any aspiring wrestler that wants to step up and make a name for themselves and really go places, use your head before you hit the “send” button.


The two finished their conversation by talking about WWE holding social media classes and how it’s easier to get in trouble in the age of technology. 


They then moved on to how Edge smells annoying, which seemed relevant given their prior topic. 

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