Edge Discusses AEW Competing With WWE, Using Wrestling Moves In Movies

Edge didn't catapult to superstardom until the tail end of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW, and he's not part of NXT and the Wednesday Night Wars, but he knows healthy competition is good between WWE and AEW. 

Speaking to Screen Rant, Edge weighed in on the wrestling landscape and the current battle between NXT and AEW. 

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"I think competition in anything is always a good thing. I think it forces people to up their game and not rest on their laurels. I think, if I'm looking at it from the performer's aspect, it's another place to be able to ply your trade, and that's amazing. That's never a bad thing. Just imagine if there was only one studio, if all there was was MGM. I like the fact that there's a bunch of different studios, and I think the same goes for wrestling. I think it ups everyone's game. As a wrestling fan, that's never a bad thing! To have, you know, a lot of different options. Now's a great time to be a wrestling fan. It's a really good time to be a performer, too. I look at it from the aspect of, I'm someone who always wants to be the best. I always want my character to stand out. That's even more so if there's more competition. Personally, I think it's a good thing. The era that I grew up, there was all kinds of different promotions. That was always fun and exciting, to go to the local variety store and pick up these wrestling magazines and see these wrestlers who I'd never seen before, but now I knew they were out there, because of these magazines. That, to me, was really fun. Then, when they'd eventually make it to the WWE, and I'd see them for the first time, I thought, 'Oh, I kind of know this person! I know this character!' I miss that. I think it's changed, definitely. But the point being, I think competition is good," he said.

Though Edge is signed to WWE, he did have discussions with AEW prior to his official in-ring return at WWE Royal Rumble 2020. He maintains that he wasn't trying to get WWE into a bidding war with AEW and was upfront about his intentions of talking to Vince.

Edge is currently sidelined with a torn triceps, but remains in the news thanks to his new film "Money Plane." During the interview, Edge was asked about whether or not he would perform any of his signature wrestling spots on film. 

"It depends on the project, I guess. For Money Plane, it could have worked! Because of the tongue-in-cheek aspect, I think it could have worked. For Vikings? No. I'm not gonna hit a spear, or body slam. Not there. I think it depends from project to project. If it can add an element for the fans watching, to go, "Oh, awesome!" And it would fit? Great! So I'd be open to that. Like I said, I think it could have been Money Plane. But it's kind of impossible within the confines of the cockpit, you know?" he asked.

It is unknown when Edge will return to the ring. "Money Plane" is now available to stream. 

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