Edge: 'One Day People Will Fully Latch On To Exactly How Special Rey Mysterio Is'

Edge says Rey Mysterio isn't fully appreciated.

In today's professional wrestling landscape, there are many wrestlers who rely more on their agility, speed, and mobility rather than their size and stature in the main event scene across the entire industry. That is largely due to the pioneering efforts of Rey Mysterio.

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Before Rey Mysterio was WWE World Heavyweight Champion, there was a time where it was once believed that a former Cruiserweight could never be a main event player in WWE. Now, Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole, and others have all main-evented main roster WWE programming.

One of the men that helped Rey Mysterio get to that level in his career was Edge. As both a tag team partner and an opponent, Edge, who was once considered “undersized” himself, watched Rey Mysterio come into WWE and climb through the ranks to become a living legend that is still going today.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show about the ability of Rey Mysterio, Edge would say that wild Rey Mysterio does get credit, he still deserves so much more credit than the amount of credit he already gets.

"He gets credit, but it's still not the credit he deserves. It really isn't. I think because he's been so consistent for so long, that he's not appreciated to his full extent. I don't know if he'll be fully appreciated until he retires. I think that's when people -- when there's no Rey Mysterio on the show, they'll go, 'Oh, but wait. We need Rey,' and I think as a writer, I think as a company, I think as a fan, I think as a colleague, although I think colleagues and peers appreciate him more than anyone else because they truly fully grasp it and understand it. That dude, for his style and what he's done to still even be in there at all, let alone at the level that he's performing. He just did a Hell in a Cell with Roman Reigns. I mean, the guy is, you know, the term 'legend' is thrown around a lot. It's a legend. There is he is a living legend. One day people will fully latch on to exactly how special Rey Mysterio is."

Furthermore, Edge reiterated that because of people like Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan was able to headline WrestleMania and the entire industry changed because of what Mysterio was able to prove.

"There's that, too. Think about all of the obstacles and hurdles that were knocked down and how he changed an industry because, without him, I don't think Daniel Bryan breaks through. Yeah, he was the first, you know what I mean, and a lot of talents like that. I think Rey Mysterio was the reason that can happen. He proved he proved it can work and people would buy it, then people would pay to see it."

Elsewhere on the same podcast, Edge further spoke about his relationship with Rey and their time as a tag team during the emerging brand split era in 2002. Learn more here.

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