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Here is your fight size update for Friday, April 9, 2021:

- Speaking with Newsweek, Edge described his initial thought process regarding his character upon returning in 2020 and his search to find the Rated R Superstar again.

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“I was just playing the grizzled veteran. I'm Logan. I'm Rocky Balboa. I'm trying to get through and show that I still got that fighting spirit, but I don't know. It was the addition of Bryan into this that made me realize I can't do that. That's not gonna work now," Copeland explained.

"Now I have to flip the switch and find the Rated R Superstar again. I gotta find the character that's dangerous. I gotta find a different side to this three-man match because Bryan is the perennial underdog. He's that guy who is always fighting from underneath and won't stop fighting, so I can't take that lane now," Copeland continued. " Because nobody's going to do that lane better than him, I had to pivot and figure something out. I just got to dip into that guy again. That guy whose only motivation is the title; not just happy to be back and try and hang, or try and go toe-to-toe with this era."

- Speaking with Revolver, Rhea Ripley described how Paige was an early inspiration for her in terms of her visual presentation in wrestling.

“I feel the same. There's never been someone that dresses like me, at least not before Paige. Paige leaned into it a little bit, but I feel like I take it a step further in trying to really harness who I am as a person. 'Cause I wear this stuff in everyday life, too. When I'm not going to the gym and I actually dress up for something, I wear this. It's different from everyone else, but it locks into a certain person and crew. It's my crew.”

Elsewhere, she spoke about WWE being an early influence in her music taste.

“Growing up music-wise, I listened to a lot of different genres because I had different friend groups, I listened to different music so I experimented in everything. But I remember watching RAW and hearing Papa Roach for the first time and thinking, "These guys are really cool, like, I really like this song." So I looked them up on YouTube and you know how that goes, you just keep watching the next videos and going through playlists and it's got all different bands. I remember thinking, "This music is sick. It's getting me pumped up." So I started downloading the music and listening more, especially in high school, every time in class I'd either be watching Dragon Ball Z or listening to music. [Laughs] That's pretty much what my schooling years were like, which isn't the best thing to say. Kids, don't follow in my footsteps! But that's what my life was. I remember being in art class and sitting there with my headphones drawing, listening to Suicide Silence and headbanging. I'd start opening mouth like I was screaming. My friend started recording me like, "What the hell is she doing?" I still listen to a bunch of the bands from high school, like, I haven't ventured too far away from that.”

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- In an interview with ITN WWE, Riddle discusses why he started leaning on the word bro.

“I get this question all the time – where do you come up with the Bro. Well, I said bro like in my whole life. I say it a lot. It's just a word. But when I get to professional wrestling the fans want something to chant, something to say, something to do for you. And unlike other sports and entertainment, the fans play a huge part in it. I thought the word would be a great way to get involved. So, when I got to Evolve, I said it in promos and stuff. But more so, when I finish opponents in matches, I would yell bro. So, that’s how it started.”

- Fun facts: Abandon has a pet spider, sleeps zero hours per night, does not have a fav holiday, dead or alive would like to have dinner with herself, spirit animal is a bat.

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- RJ City will be on WWE Network as part of 37 hours of WrestleMania content.

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- Today, WWE stock closed at $58.36 per share.

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