Edge Surprised He Was Allowed To Do 'Stupid' Spot

Edge was involved with a lot of hardcore moments in the WWE, but one time in particular Edge thinks he outdid himself. 

In an interview with Crave Online, Edge revealed he couldn't believe WWE let him get away with his now famous table spear on Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22. 

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“Probably diving into the flaming table. It was my idea, stupidly and of course, I knew Mick (Foley) would be in because he’s just as stupid as I am. I didn’t think everybody else would sign off on that [laughs] but when everyone did, I was surprised. To pull it off with only a few burns and some burnt hair is one where I’m like ‘How did we pull that off?’ How did it get through all of the levels that it had to? The margin for error in that was so miniscule” said Edge. 

The moment has been noted before, because Raw General Manager Mick Foley credited it as his first "Wrestlemania Moment." When asked what moment he "hung his hat on" as a WWE Superstar, Edge said that isn't the case as far as that moment goes.

"I don’t really think about hanging my hat, per se. It was what it was and it was great and I did more than I ever expected to and at the end of the day it was fun. I enjoyed every part of it; from the tag team to the singles stuff to eventually ending it all with Christian and I back together again. That seemed fitting. It was a good time." 

The WWE Hall of Famer is be appearing in the new film Interrogation alongside Lana. The movie is now be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and OnDemand.

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