EFFY Is The Revolution And He's Done Helping 'Old Dummy Superstars' That Can't Get Over

EFFY is very tired.

This year, EFFY got the full Jeff Jarrett experience. After building to a match with the WWE Hall of Famer at The WRLD on GCW in January, Jeff Jarrett beat EFFY and never gave EFFY a chance to get his win back, while also, supposedly, changing the finish of the match.

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Now, Jeff Jarrett is back to work for WWE as the SVP of Live Events. He also recently appeared at SummerSlam as the guest referee for the WWE Tag Team Championship match and the very next night, Jeff wrestled against Ric Flair as part of his last match.

Even before the match took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, EFFY was very leery of working with Jeff Jarrett, calling him a "clout vampire. " Now, EFFY has touched upon Jeff Jarrett and superstars of his ilk, saying in a clip from his Weekend at EFFY’s podcast, that he is not helping out any of these old superstars anymore. Showing frustration with the amount of people that criticize his body of work while also eventually wanting to work with him.

“January 1, 2022, Jeff Jarrett hits EFFY with a guitar, and now, it’s the end of July, and let’s just put this into perspective, He has a very highly-rated podcast with Conrad Thompson, he is a part of Ric Flair’s Last Match at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, home of Starrcade ‘96, he was the guest referee for the SummerSlam Tag Team Championship match, and is now a house show producer for WWE. It’s the first time he’s ever looked cool in his whole life,” said EFFY. “What I’m saying is, if you’re a washed-up, old, dummy superstar who can’t bump well and has to be at these Starrcasts with EFFY and see how great I am, just know this: No, we don’t have any heat. I don’t genuinely have heat with anything. There’s nothing that could really get me that fired up, I don’t think. Maybe I’m wrong. There’s some things that get me fired up, but we don’t have any heat.

“Also, I’m not helping you anymore,” EFFY continued. “I’m not helping these old pieces of shit who wanted to talk about me forever and ever, and how garbage I am, how I beat up children and how I put a dildo in front of someone and they ate whipped cream out of my ass and this isn’t real wrestling. I am the one that’s getting you back over in front of an audience that wouldn’t give a shit about you, probably still only gives a little bit of a shit about you, and you know that working with EFFY, it’s gonna get over. It’s gonna work, it’s gonna be easy, and you’re not gonna get fucked up.”

EFFY concluded his rant by saying that anyone that wants to believe that they have heat with him, can continue to believe that but it's most likely that he's not thinking about these “old people superstars” because he is the one who is in charge now. He is the revolution.

“I’m very tired of pretending like I have to be nice to anyone here,” he said. “Yeah, if you think we have heat, we have fucking heat. If you don’t think we have heat, we probably don’t because I’m probably not even thinking about you. If I’ve talked shit about you, it’s because of things you’ve done. It’s because of dipshit stuff you do. It’s probably because you’re a symptom of a larger problem that includes people who can’t get over in wrestling, thinking that they know what they’re talking about when the ratings across the board are garbage as fuck. So y’all fuck off, old people superstars, and remember that EFFY’s in charge now. I’m the revolution.”

EFFY may never get to wrestle Jeff Jarrett again but, at GCW Homecoming, he does have the opportunity to defeat Jon Moxley for the GCW world championship. Learn more about that match here.

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