Eli Drake Says Impact Got Stale Filming At The Same Place All The Time, Enjoys The Road

Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter recently spoke to Eli Drake for an interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

If he has the itch to be Impact champion again:
"Hell yeah! That is why I got in the business. I didn't get in to be a background guy or just in the mix. I want to be the guy. I want to be the guy at the top that everybody is trying to be - Wants to be. I think a second run with that (title), maybe a little better focused, would be a necessity."

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Trying to flip Eddie Edwards away from being his crazy hardcore persona:
"If you do the math, all the titles he won in the past versus all the titles he hasn't won being hardcore, maybe I can get through!"


On his enjoyment of Impact being a traveling brand:
"It is great just because it gets so stale striking that same spot over and over and over again. Not that I don't want to go back to Orlando - I'd love to go back to Orlando at some point. But, to go there month after month after month, it got stale. I think it got stale for the audience and it got stale for the performers. Now we're getting to go to different cities and be in front of different crowds. Not only that, it gets new eyes on the show. You get people who come to the show who are fans and sometimes they bring people who might not necessarily be fans and then you've got more eyes. If you keep pounding the same city over and over and over again, the chances of that happening are next to none."


On his favorite place Impact has taped TV recently:
"I think the one that looks most epic is probably Toronto. But, the energy in New York was off the charts. I remember coming out for Bound for Glory and the reaction was huge! Vegas is always fun. But, as far as reaction, New York. As far as presentation, it has got to be Toronto."

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