Eric Bischoff Calls Trump A Pig

Eric Bischoff believes Donald Trump should blame himself for his recent audio leak. 

On his podcast Bischoff on Wrestling, he was contrasting the Trump leaked audio to Hulk Hogan's legal battles with Gawker and said Trump should have known his mic was live. 

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 “However, I don’t think you can draw a connection between the way the audio tape and the subsequent video was collected in the Trump situation and the way the audio and video was collected regarding Gawker. Two totally separate issues. There is a little bit of tone in the similarity in the sense that I am guessing, I wasn’t there. I am pretty certain Donald Trump didn’t expect that he was being recorded. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been smart enough that when you’ve got a wireless mic on and it’s in your back pocket and you’re about a minute away from going out to do a tape or live shot. You should be smart enough to assume that that mic is hot. Therefore anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of public opinion. I can tell you personally about times that I’ve been in a production truck and somebody, some talent, who is wired to do an interview decided to go use the restroom first and the entire production truck got an audio version of it all. It happens but it doesn’t mean it should be used. I personally think there should be some level of expectation of privacy," said Bischoff

Regardless of the circumstances, Bischoff says Trump's sentiments are unacceptable. 

"Even when you know you have a microphone on and you are prepared to go out and do something that has been staged, rehearsed and scripted. I think the period of time prior to that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be public domain. That’s my opinion as a person, a human being and a professional who has been in that type of situation before. It doesn’t change the fact, he said what he said. He was a pig when he said it and he offended a lot of people in the process,” said Bischoff.

Bischoff did mention he felt some hypocrisy by "liberal media" by comparing what Trump said to mainstream music lyrics. 

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