Eric Bischoff Credits AEW's Passionate Crowd As Their Biggest Positive

If there's one thing Eric Bischoff understands it's how to sell a wrestling product in the best way possible with the assistance of the TNT Network.

On the latest episode of the 83 Weeks podcast, see above, Eric Bischoff talks about AEW on TNT and The major positive they have working in their favor, their passionate audience.

"I think the takeaway for me the biggest thing that I saw that I liked was the crowd," said the former WCW President after admitting he watched the weekly program twice. "I've always believed that the crowd, you know, if there's two women or two guys in a match with a referee as the third person in the ring, the fourth person in the ring is the audience. They're as much a part of the show as anything in my opinion. And I think what I saw Wednesday night from AEW was a crowd that was just intensely engaged in the product in the ring and in the show. And from a production value point of view, you could see it the lighting made the audience a part of the show and that to me was that was my biggest positive of that show."

Currently, Eric Bischoff is the executive director of the Friday Night Smackdown brand in WWE. SmackDown just completed their portion of the WWE draft, see the results here.

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