Eric Bischoff: Jim Ross Never Had A Resume Showing That He Could Run A Promotion

Jim Ross has been in the wrestling business for nearly half a century. Through that time, he has held many positions in the industry both on-camera and behind the scenes. However, the one position he has never held is the position at the very top of a wrestling promotion.

Speaking on the After 83 Weeks Podcast with Christy Olson, Eric Bischoff addressed rumors suggesting that Jim Ross was potentially headed to TNA Wrestling to help steer the ship around the time that he and Hulk Hogan were given positions of power in that promotion.

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Eric Bischoff would say that he doesn't doubt that Jim Ross has many years of experience through seeing a lot so down in the wrestling industry, but his lack of a resume at the forefront of promotion works against him.

Credit to Christy's team for sending along the following quote.

“The truth is, Jim never ran a wrestling company,” Eric began. “Jim was in upper-management, had a lot of influence, was participating in the booking during WCW’s worst days, and he still didn’t have management of the company. So I’m not saying he wasn’t capable, necessarily. But he certainly didn’t have a track record that he could point to and say look, this is what I did over here.”

He continued, “He worked very closely with Bill Watts, which is one of the biggest train wrecks in the history of professional wrestling. So it’s not like Jim came in with a résumé that would make one think he would be the ideal candidate to run a wrestling company. Jim is the best announcer, probably on planet Earth. Jim had a tremendous amount of experience and had seen a lot, but he’d never done it.”

For more of Eric’s Q&A, including his spot-on impression of Vince McMahon, watch the latest After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson on YouTube or listen via Apple Podcasts.

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