Eric Bischoff On Positive Fan Reaction At The WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE pulled out all the stops for this year's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, not just with the class, but also with the numerous wrestling personalities that returned for the night to induct some of the new Hall of Famers, such as Jim Cornette and Eric Bischoff.

On his show Bischoff on Wrestling, Bischoff was waiting for the boos to rain down on him at the WWE Hall of Fame, but was pleasantly surprised that he was cheered instead.

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“Oh, I kind of anticipated it to be honest," Bischoff said. "I was actually a little surprised it went the other way. I was expecting them to boo me. … I would have been the Eric Bischoff character that they were booing.”

Once he heard the positive reaction from the fans, Bischoff said it made him feel good, but didn't really cared whther he would have been cheered or booed that night.

“I’m not going to lie, that made me feel good," Bischoff said. "It’s not that I was worried about it one way or another. If they had booed me I would have been fine with that too. (Laughs) To be honest that’s who I’ve been my whole life. I’ve been that character and I would have worked right into that very easily. It did on a personal level, as a human being, it does make you feel good to know that people are happy to see you. I am a human being and it did make me feel good. I have to admit. People know me because of my character in the wrestling world. They know the character Eric Bischoff and the character of Eric Bischoff is kind of this smarmy heel dick. That’s why I said if they had booed me I would have welcomed that too and I would have worked right into that and had a great moment with that just as much. On a personal level, because I am a human being and at this stage in my career, it made me feel good.”


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