Eric Bischoff Says Billy Corgan Should Change TNA Name If He Buys It

Many consider TNA Wrestling a 'tainted brand,' and Eric Bischoff agrees.

On a recent episode of his podcast Eric Bischoff offered advice for Smashing Pumpkins front man and current president of TNA Billy Corgan if he gains majority ownership of the company.

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"I think Billy, if he’s going to rebrand TNA, I think that’s the first really smart move he could make. Wrestling is hard enough to sell in the advertising community as it is just because of the nature of the business and the way advertisers perceive it. When the acronym for your company is TNA, which regardless of how hard anyone wants to try and suggest it stands for “Total Nonstop Action”, in everybody’s minds it’s “Tits And Ass”. I think changing that brand and rebranding it is probably a really smart thing to do right out of the shoot," said Bischoff.

Billy Corgan has funded several tapings for TNA this year and has been in talks to purchase the promotion, but as of this past week it is still owned by Dixie Carter. Eric Bischoff was looking to purchase WCW right before the company was bought by WWE, saying in various interviews over the years that he wanted to re-brand WCW and create his own promotion. Billy Corgan previously ran Resistance Pro Wrestling, where he was the president from 2011 until 2014.

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