Eric Bischoff Says Dolph Ziggler's Character Makes Him Believe

On a recent After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson WCW legend Eric Bischoff weighs in on Dave Meltzer’s future and NWO merchandise rumors, reveals his current favorite Superstar, and more. See the full podcast above or at this link, and submitted highlights below.


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Which Superstar stands out most to him:

Whenever I see Dolph, I believe. Part of it is because I know his background. He’s like Kurt Angle in the sense that he can be a very comedic character one minute, and he can be a believable badass if he needs to be the next. And I kind of dig that. To me that’s believable.


If podcasts have ruined Dave Meltzer’s credibility:

I know I bust his balls often, but to [Dave’s] credit he’s been doing this since the mid-eighties. He may have started doing what he’s doing before I even broke into the business in 1987. I give him props for that. But I think now, not so much that Bruce [Pritchard] and I are busting him out, or Tony [Schiavone], or any number of other people for that matter. But I think he’ll always have his core, people that really grew up reading his material. Conrad is a perfect example. You know so many people have grown up through their early adulthood and their adulthood reading Dave Meltzer’s stuff at a time when it was the only information you could get--make believe or wrong or a lie or poorly reported or whatever. Whatever it was it was out on paper and people read it, and they believed it. And the power that Dave has in doing what he does is that when people read things they go, wow that’s the truth. No, it’s not! In many cases it’s not even remotely close to the truth. It’s probably more closely related to fiction—bad fiction. But it doesn’t matter. And after people spend years, decades in some cases reading this stuff and thinking wow, I have inside knowledge that nobody else has.


On rumors that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash get NWO merchandise royalties:

I can’t tell you with any authority or honesty if Scott or Kevin, either of them or both of them receive a royalty on that. That’s their dealings or would be their dealings with WWE, and I have no inside knowledge about that. I personally I’ve heard that story before and I find it difficult to believe. That would have been a very rare exception on Vince McMahon’s part, because the NWO was not Scott Hall’s likeness, or Kevin Nash’s likeness, or Hulk Hogan’s. The NWO was a separate, distinct trademark that WWE acquired in their acquisition of WCW assets. So there would be no reason to share in a percentage of that, unless it was part of a negotiation that I don’t know about.

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