Eric Bischoff Says He Was Supposed To Join Vince McMahon's 'Kiss My Ass Club' On WWE TV

Eric Bischoff talks about some storylines he added some input to.

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff co-hosts a podcast with 'Something To Wrestle' host Conrad Thompson and the two of them come together and present '83 Weeks' which is a podcast dedicated to the 83 consecutive weeks that WCW beat out Monday Night RAW in the ratings. Bischoff and Conrad are set to have a live show tonight at Jimmy's Seafood in Baltimore, Maryland and Bischoff has spoken with a number of media outlets to promote the live show.

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Bischoff and Conrad have been putting out new episodes of the podcast since late April and although 83 weeks of content is a lot to cover, it will one day be ran through and while Bischoff was speaking to Kevin Eck of Pressbox, he shared that he does think about what is to come after he and Conrad go through all 83 Weeks but Bischoff is sure that the podcast will continue to evolve.

"I think about it a lot. I don't think years out, but I think months out. I do probably think about what we're going to do a year from now. Look, the show is going to have to evolve. To your point, there's only so much subject matter to talk about. I have been in the business for 30 years, so I can talk about a lot of things other than just WCW, but there's still a lot of ground to cover because of the detail that we go into. I think one of the things that makes our show different from the plethora of other podcasts out there is that they tend to be wrestlers telling stories. Even Bruce's show, as creative as it is, he tends to talk more about talent relation-type issues and stories about specific talents and the creative side. I don't talk about that as much because, frankly, I didn't do it that much." Bischoff said. "I didn't really start getting involved in the creative side of the business until '96, so I don't have decades of war stories to talk about when it comes to situations with talent and things like that. What I can talk about that Bruce can't -- and I'm not picking on Bruce; I'm just using him as an example -- or anybody else that is a wrestler or telling wrestling-related stories is that probably other than Vince McMahon I'm the only person who can talk about the business side of the wrestling business to the extent that we can." 

Bischoff recalled some of the storylines he was involved in during his time in WWE that he had some say in or shared his opinions on. Bischoff stated that he was set to join Vince McMahon's 'Kiss My Ass' club but had a conversation with Vince and explained why that did not make sense at the time and also discussed when he was written off WWE TV in 2005 when Vince threw him in a garbage truck.

"Nothing I ever said no to. There were a couple things that were pitched to me that I expressed an opinion about, and ultimately they re-thought it. Right after I first got to WWE -- I think I had been there for maybe six months -- I got a phone call on a Friday from somebody who said, 'We're going to send you over the script. There's a scene in there where you're going to join the 'Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club.' I looked at the script and it didn't seem right to me; it seemed too soon." Bischoff explained. "I didn't have any problem doing it, but not when I first got there. Where do you go from there? It's kind of like the end of it, not the beginning. So I called Vince and I said, 'If that's what you want to do, I'm there for you, but here's why I don't think that makes any sense, and he said, 'All right, let me think about it.' When we got to TV, they changed it, that was it. There was no more conversation about it. The only other thing I voiced an opinion on was my very last scene in WWE, when I got fired and thrown in the garbage truck." He continued, "The story as laid out was John Cena was going to hit me with the F.U., which he did, and then Cena was going to throw me in the garbage truck. I said, 'Vince, if this is my last night here, that's not what people want to see. They want to see you do that. That's the period at the end of the sentence. An hour later, Vince is the one who threw me in the dump truck."


To read the full interview, click here. As mentioned in the earlier portion of this article, Eric Bischoff talked about evolving and a promotion that is doing just that is EVOLVE as exampled by them recently putting their titles of three of NXT's rising stars. For more on that, click here.

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