Eric Bischoff Says He Would Bring Spontaneity Back To Wrestling Today

83 Weeks host Eric Bischoff recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A recently. You can see the full Q&A at this link, and highlights below:

Thoughts on the Billionaire Ted sketches:

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Turner Broadcastling Lawyers, separate from WCW, felt it was necessary to go on record and use those as a complaint. I thought it made WWE look bad, I thought they were funny, and Ted Turner thought they were funny (and didn't really give a damn).

Regal's match with Goldberg:

I was disappointed in the match but it certainly didn't lead to his firing. I think it was clearly a clash of styles, psychology, and experience.

Sonny Onoo and Eric Bischoff's friendship being affected by Onoo's lawsuit:

Our friendship wasn't affected, as I wasn't in WCW when it took place. Vince Russo came in and made a number of racially discriminatory comments that were the catalyst for that lawsuit. It had nothing to do with me, and Sonny Onoo and I remain friends to this day.

What he would do to change wrestling today:

I would try to bring more spontaneity to the product, I would de-emphasize the scripted performances, and emphasize talent who have the ability to cut great unscripted promos. The scripted nature of both matches and promos creates an atmosphere of sameness. Clearly this works, as we're reading now with the Smackdown on Fox news, but that sameness makes the product feel stale and predictable.

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