Eric Bischoff Says If He Were Vince McMahon, He Wouldn't Let Go Of WWE Superstars Wanting Release

This week on the after show for his 83 Weeks podcast, After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson, Eric Bischoff reveals what he’s “sure” Vince McMahon is doing to keep WWE talent from signing with AEW. The former President of WCW also explains why nWo Wolfpac was created, talks making Vince Russo cry publicly, and more! Excerpts are below…

Eric says titles are no longer important:

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I don’t think it matters if Brock Lesnar held the Universal title or not, and I don’t think anybody cares about the Universal title. It’s meaningless. Who cares? I think people care about Brock. I think he is such a badass, and such a larger than life character, and so unbeatable that the world is waiting to see who and if anybody will come along and knock him from his throne. But I don’t think there would be any more or any less interest in any of those matchups if the belt was not a part of it.

How he would handle the reported requests by WWE talent to be released from their contracts:

It’s a talent driven business, and the Khan family is willing to write a big check for Chris Jericho and they’re willing to write big checks for other talent who may be in WWE but not happy. If I was Vince McMahon right now I would probably tie them up in as many strings as I possibly could. In fact I’m sure he already has. I don’t think there’s a lot of talent in WWE that can just wake up on Monday morning and go, ‘You know what? I’m gonna quit and I’m gonna go work for these guys.’

The surprising business reason nWo Wolfpac was created:

At the core of it I would say 80% of the reason was because nWo was losing steam. If it would’ve been hot we would’ve been able to come out with nWo jockstraps and people would tailgate out in the parking lot and wear them like hats...but I think overall it was just because the concept was no longer new. By this time it was two, two-and-a-half years old. You know in the beginning when we flooded the market with shirts, it was so fresh and nobody had ever seen anything like it before. It was cool.
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