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Here is your fight size update for Friday, January 21, 2022:

- Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Erick Redbeard said teaming with Adam Scherr at Northeast Wrestling will feel like home:

AEW Rampage Spoilers For 6/9 (Taped On 6/7)

The last time we tagged together was in WWE in 2016. So much has happened since then. He went on this main-event run, and I’m really happy and proud of everything he has accomplished. He’s someone with this never-quit attitude, and that’s something which doesn’t go unnoticed.

It’s been quite a gap since we last teamed together, so there will be some nostalgia when we are back in the ring. We were on the road so much together, and it will feel like home when we get in the ring together.

- Speaking with Jose G of Sportskeeda, Deonna Purrazzo said that even though she respects Charlotte Flair, Britt Baker will always be her preferred opponent

Honestly, I think Charlotte is absolutely incredible and that would be a dream come true as well. But, yeah, Britt and I just have so much history. Literally, we we've traveled together, we've flown together, we've shared twin size hotel room beds together, like she is my absolute best friend. So it would be really, really cool to share the ring with her.

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- Speaking of Britt Baker, the AEW Women's World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker made an appearance on “The Nick Cannon Show” today. Did you know she's a dentist?!

- Pat McAfee Makes the Most of Post-NFL Career With Talk Show, FanDuel Tie-In

“The incredibly talented people who have been covering sports for the past couple decades have viewed sports as if it’s politics or surgery or something very serious,” McAfee said. “If someone thinks to themselves, ‘I want to hear what Pat McAfee thinks about something serious,’ they’re idiots.”

- Adam Scherr, formerly Braun Strowman, discussed his Mental health app, Diskuss, and his own mental health while speaking with CBS Sports' Shakiel Mahjouri.

Working on mental health app Diskuss:

"It's in its blooming phase. We launched it right around Thanksgiving and it really started to grow... It gives you licensed certified therapists, mental coaches, life coaches in the palm of your hand by audio, video, text message services 24 hours a day. It's fully encrypted so all your information is protected. But the coolest thing is it gives you the opportunity to do it from the comfort of your own home. A lot of people, myself included when I went and talked to somebody for the first time, are really, really nervous about it. Having that option to do it from home where you're really, really comfortable is going to help a lot more people be able to overcome a lot of people overcome obstacles they're dealing with in their lives."

Working on his own mental health:

"Learning to actually discuss my problems. Everybody has problems and it's so faux pas to swallow your feelings. That doesn't work. It does for a while, but eventually, you're going to swallow so much that you're going to explode. That's what happened to me... Your friends, your family, your loved ones. That's the cool thing about human beings and what has set us apart from the animal kingdom and deemed us superior on this Earth is our ability to work together to overcome obstacles... I want to be remembered for something more than just beating the s--t out of people in a wrestling ring.

- Speaking on El Brunch de WWE, Cora Jade revealed the AJ Lee inspiration behind her first tattoo.

My favorite [tattoo is probably] behind my ear... it's a wrestling ring. I got it three years ago and then one day I just was like I want to get a wrestling ring so I just walked in one day got it, but yet it means a lot to me.

The first one was this lightning bolt on my wrist. I got it. I think I was 17. It was my first one. I thought it was such a big deal at the time, but it's so small now but I got it because AJ Lee was my favorite and she always wore a bolt necklace and it was just like an inspiration reminder it was before I got here I just like to look down and you know be reminded of inspiration. Small little first one for me

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Per Variety, The Rock will not host The Oscars

The Rock: Not Happening

He’s the biggest movie star in the world, so it only makes sense the Academy would, of course, be interested in having Dwayne Johnson emcee the biggest night in movies, but Variety has learned that The Rock will not be able to host in 2022. According to sources inside the Oscars search this year, Johnson will be in production, so his busy schedule will prevent him from being able to take the gig. In fact, he’s been asked a handful of times in the past, but he’s never been able to do it, solely due to scheduling — which is no surprise, really, given the “Black Adam” star and producer’s slate, which now includes sequels to “Red Notice” and “Jungle Cruise” via his production company, Seven Bucks, and his many businesses, which include Zoa Energy drinks and Teremana, which became the fastest-selling tequila of all time.

- Speaking with DAZN, Brett Lauderdale reflected on GCW selling out the Hammerstein Ballroom so quickly.

"Absolutely. Joey Janela told me this thing's going to sell out quick. Other people on our team are like, ‘Dude, this is gonna sell out’. I'm an optimist, but it's a lot of tickets to sell, a lot of these tickets are expensive, and it's in the middle of New York City. I got to be honest with you; I wasn't so sure. I obviously thought we had a chance and that we could do it. But, I felt like it was going to take a lot. We were going to have to go hard on this to the day of the show, and hopefully we'll sell it out. But to see that it happened so quickly, I mean, 24 hours in, we were pretty much down to the last 100 or 200 tickets. We pulled up the ticket map, and we were literally watching them disappear and counting. I'm like, ‘Alright, we're down to like, 60. Now we're down to 50. We're down to 40. We're down to 30 ‘. Then it gets to eight, six, four, and then they all disappear. It's like, ‘Are they gone? Is it going to pop back up?’

Then 20 minutes elapsed, and it's like, ‘I'm pretty sure that the last ticket is gone. ‘We're sold out’. Once it was clear that it was sold out, it was crazy. Like, wow, we really did it, and that took like 36 hours. I was pleasantly surprised, proud, and excited for all of us, everybody.

- Sidney 'Iking' Bateman grew up doing backflips in Walnut Park. Now he's WWE Superstar Reggie.

"We would catch 'Monday Night Raw' and 'SmackDown' on TV, and that was just something that I shared with my uncle," he recalled. "We were the only two in our household watching wrestling. And he was very popular in the neighborhood; he was one of the higher drug dealers and one of the famous guys in the neighborhood.

“And you know, being a wrestling fan, growing up, it wasn't easy. You got picked on for being a wrestling fan, but I thought that it was cool because one of the coolest guys in our neighborhood was watching wrestling with me, and that was my uncle. And then I stopped watching wrestling once he was shot and killed — every time I watched it, I thought about him. I just stopped watching it."

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- When the stock market closed today, WWE stock was trading at $49.65 per share.

- The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss, Rey Mysterio & MORE film for the WWE 2K22 trailer!

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