Everyone Should Root For Moana At The Oscars So The Rock Has To Crush Some In-n-Out In A Tux

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where I shine a light on the wrestling news
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and hiding in the bushes
or whatever

in this case,
the Rock made a bet with In n Out employees
and it is just the best


So The Rock recently went to In-n-Out for the first time.

If you don't know what In-n-Out is, I weep for your very soul,

It's a west coast burger chain that is just THE BOMB.

It's kind of amazing that legendary "Cheat Day Eater" The Rock has never eaten there before.

When I lived in Los Angeles, In-n-Out was totally my cheat day meal of choice. And my cheat days were every day, which is why I am a very fat man to this day.

Anyway, the Rock posted this photo to Instagram:

 The Rock was so impressed with the quality of the food and the friendliness of the service (seriously, the NICEST people work at In-n-Out. seriously) that he has now promised them something that has the potential to be amazing:

"If our Moana wins the Oscar this Sunday, I will return - in my tux and completely destroy multiple burgers and fries to celebrate. I'm talkin' about takin' cheat meal to another level."

Okay? So we all have to root for The Rock's film "Moana" to win the Best Animated Feature Oscar at the Academy Awards on Sunday so that The Rock will have to pay off this little bet and return to In-n-Out and "destroy" like four Double Doubles and three large orders of fries (Animal Style, of course) and wash it all down with a large chocolate shake. 

While wearing a tux.

The Rock is just the coolest dude, and such a nice guy, I have no doubt he'll pay for the food of every customer at the restaurant.

I wish I was at that restaurant.

Oh, man. Just thinking about In-n-Out has me salivating.

And shaking all over.

Also my left arm is going numb.

Also my chest kind of hurts.

Can your arteries get so clogged from just thinking about eating food that you go into cardiac arrest?

Because if so, I need to go to the hospital.

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