Exclusive: Bro Or No With Robbie E! Are Matt Riddle, Vince Russo, DDP, Zack Ryder Bros?!

During a recent interview, I spoke with Why it Ended host, and noted bro, Robbie E. During the course of our talk, we decided to play "BRO OR NO," where the brotorious former X-Division champion would evaluate the bro status of several names. Below are the results, and you can also check out Manly or Not Manly with Silas Young.

Fightful: Diamond Dallas Page. From the area geographically, also a user of the term.

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Robbie E: "Definitely bro. When me and EC3 had a podcast he was on, I respect the yoga thing, he's from Jersey, he's definitely earned the right to say bro. He's a super-cool dude. You can't 'no' one of the original bros."

Fightful: Zack Ryder. He made it his identity for a while.

Robbie E: "Definitely NO. He's from Long Island, bro. I'm from Jersey, I've been saying bro since I was three. Before anyone knew what Jersey Shore was as far as the show, bro was my thing. People in high school knew me for saying bro. Ryder was definitely a geek in high school. He wasn't cool enough to say the word bro, and when he became his character, he started saying it. It's just not believable!"

Fightful: I just wanna say, it's worked out for him in the girlfriend department the last few years. 

Fightful: Ronnie & JWoww from Jersey Shore.

Robbie E: "No. I say no."

Matt Riddle, who used to host the BROcast here on Fightful.

Robbie E: I'm gonna go with "bro," only because he could probably kill me in five seconds. 

Fightful: Vince Russo. People are on one side of the fence or the other with him

Robbie E: Definitely bro. He's the man. He's my guy. You should hear the conversations between me and him. I was on the phone with him the other day, and between our ten minute conversation, we probably each dropped it 30 times. We bring the bro out of each other.

Fightful: My transcriptionist would write articles on our show and say 'you have to separate the bros that mean something and the bros that just break up sentences,' because it doesn't feel right to not include bro at all when he's talking. People will be suspect if that happens.

Robbie: He talks to his wife that way. That's just his language.

Fightful: Booker T, formerly "GI Bro."

Robbie E: Definitely no. It's not that he's not a cool guy or anything, it's that he's not a bro. A bro is a bro, he's not a bro!

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