Exclusive: Kenny Dykstra Said He Was Offered A TNA Contract Years Ago

Kenny Dykstra was best known for his time in WWE as a member of the Spirit Squad stable, but revealed that he could have been wrestling for TNA.

Dykstra spoke with Fightful and spoke on his experience negotiating with TNA and the deal he was presented by the company. Dykstra said he had worked a dark match for the company, which impressed TNA enough to offer him a contract.

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“I did a dark match with them,” Dykstra said. “I worked with Homicide. Here’s what happened with TNA. They flew me down, put me in a hotel, paid me to work a dark match to work Homicide. They liked it and then I went out with Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair and Flair was like, ‘You got to hire this kid! You got to hire this kid! We need him here!’”

The current Spirit Squad member revealed some of the contract details that TNA sent him and Dykstra said the reason he turned down the contract offer was because the guaranteed pay he would receive from the company was way too low for his liking.

“They brought me down and then a week-and-a-half later, they said, ‘We want you to come on down for another dark match.’ I said, ‘Cool, set it up and send me the information.’ Then they tell me I have to pay for my own flight, my own hotel and said I was going to work for free. At that point in my career, it’s not something I cared to do. I had a lot of other projects going on. I’m not going to put those off just so I can come and do this thing for you guys. About a week later, they offered me a deal. They said the guarantee was so low, that when I broke the deal down, they were still doing house shows and I called them to say that if I were to those house shows, rent a car, hotel, eat three times a day, my take-home money would be $200 a week. I politely turned it down,” Dykstra said.

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