Exclusive: Raven Talks Almost Shutting Down Power During WrestleMania 17

One of the more memorable moments of the often-remembered WrestleMania 17 show was the Triple Threat match for the Hardcore Championship between The Big Show, Kane and Raven, but Raven admits that match almost pulled the plug on the entire show, literally.

Raven spoke to Fightful and talked about a spot in the match where he was driving a golf cart and then hit a fence wall that actually covered wires that powered the entire Reliant Astrodome where the show took place.

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“But I ruined the greatest spot in the history of WrestleMania. We were supposed to be driving and Big Show’s choking while I was driving and I was supposed to drive all around the building with Kane driving behind us in hot pursuit. What happened was that there was a fence that looked like a wall fence so I thought if I [drove] into it and bounced off, it would look cool because I was getting choked by a 400-pound guy. Then I hit the fence, didn’t get back anything and I just fell off the curb. But the best part is that I came within millimeters of turning off the power in the entire building,” Raven said.

At the time of the spot, Raven didn’t realize how disastrous his stunt was until a crew worker told him how close he was to cutting the power off of the building.

“One of the crew members came to me and said, ‘Do you have any idea how close you came? You were within millimeters of running over the cables that supplied power to the entire building,’” Raven said.

Such a risky stunt would obviously get the attention of Vince McMahon and not in a good way. There was another spot in the match Raven briefly described that put the former ECW champion back in the boss’ good graces.  

“I think because I let myself get run over by Kane, I think it changed the scorecard really quick because the bump looked really dangerous that I guess I forgot about it,” Raven said.

Raven ended up losing the Hardcore title to Kane in that match. The full interview can be seen in the video above. Check out Raven’s podcast, The Raven Effect, at this link and wherever podcasts can be heard from.

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