Exclusive: Shane Helms Talks TNA Ownership Change, Dixie Carter, And Why He's Positive About The Future

During his weekly spot on the Fightful Podcast last week, which you can watch above, Shane Helms discussed the ownership transfer in TNA and why he’s optimistic about the future.

Outgoing head of TNA has been under fire for years, but Helms thinks that most of the criticism is misplaced and misguided.

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“For the negative crap that Dixie takes, the truth is that TNA probably would not even exist were it not for Dixie Carter and her family. … Yes there was a lot of silly shit that happened, but at the same time, would this company exist without Dixie Carter? That’s a No. And I know I said earlier ‘probably no,’ I think that’s a hard ‘No’ that it would not exist without Dixie Carter.”

Helms believes we need to keep a little perspective when thinking about TNA.

“TNA’s been around longer than WCW was. There’s a lot of people still that try to hate on TNA and the decisions they made, but we’ve got new ownership now so we’ve gotta leave that shit in the past.”

Helms never had any personal beef with Carter, he says.

“I don’t have any problem with Dixie Carter, never had, she never said one cross word to me, she was always nice, as far as my dealings, everything was spot-on, I got paid on time, everything was beautiful, so I’m kind of indifferent to the thing, I just want this company to move ahead.”

When talking about moving ahead, Helms acknowledges that move is best done without Carter in charge.

“I think, from a public perception, this is good for the company, because there were a lot of people that just complained about Dixie Carter all the time, well now you ain’t got that to worry about no more, now you ain’t gotta focus on that, focus on the product, focus on what we’re actually doing, instead of worrying about all this backstage shenanigans bullshit. So that’s the positive I’m looking forward to, let’s focus on what we do.”

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