Exclusive: Vince Russo Says Dixie Carter 'Marked Out' Over Meeting Hulk Hogan

Vince Russo worked closely with Dixie Carter for years, but remembers one specific instance where he knew the TNA owner could be 'had.'

On his most recent episode of the Fightful Podcast, Russo told the story of Dixie Carter meeting Hulk Hogan for the first time.

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"I can remember we were at Orlando. This is before Hogan and Bischoff were hired. Hogan came down to the Impact Studios to talk to a couple of his buddies or whatever and they put him in a green room. Dixie had never met Hogan before. I swear to you, I was there that moment when Dixie was getting ready to meet Hulk Hogan for the first time. If you can picture a 12 year old girl getting a meet and greet with Justin Bieber, multiply that by a thousand," Russo told Fightful.

According to Russo, Dixie Carter's feelings in regards to Hogan and Vince McMahon's perception of him were categorically different.

She was literally shaking because she was about to meet frickin' Hulk Hogan. That is a true story. I never forgot that because I was like “are you effing kidding me” and what ran through my mind was, 'Oh my God if there was ever an opportunity of her getting this guy to work here, this guy could write a check with any number on it he wanted and she would have paid him.' I remember back in 2002 when I almost went to get hired by the WWE and I had to remind Vince about the Bash at the Beach problem. I said, “Vince, how will you want to handle this between me and Hogan?' In 2002 Vince looked me in the eye and said, “Vince, I don’t give a crap about Hulk Hogan he’s not drawing me one dime.” Fast forward 10 years later and Dixie Carter is paying this guy the farm which would eventually help put her out of business," said Russo.

You can see the full epsiode above.

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