Adam Cole Explains How He Joined DaParty, Appreciates Fans Finding Enjoyment In His Bonehead Plays

You know what day it is. For some people, it's Wednesday. For fans of UpUpDownDown, it's DaParty Day.

For over a year, Xavier Woods, Cesaro, Tyler Breeze, and Adam Cole have entertained fans with weekly Uno games on Woods' popular UpUpDownDown channel. The weekly games have become arguably the most popular series in the UpUpDownDown Universe with friendships being tested with every Plus Two.

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In picking members of DaParty, two of the three choices for Woods seemed like natural fits. He's been longtime friends with Breeze and has battled him in many video game situations. Cesaro and Woods developed a friendship through their on-screen tag team rivalries.

The fourth member, at first glance, came a bit out of left field.

Speaking to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Adam Cole explained how he linked up with Woods, Breeze, and Cesaro as DaParty.

"So, it was right around when the pandemic started and, you know, like he says, I was friends or friendly with Cesaro, Breeze, Woods, but those guys were doing content consistently with UpUpDownDown. I’d only been there sporadically. Then they had made the decision, ‘Hey, we want to start doing more content since we can’t provide as much content with the pandemic starting and we want to do Uno. We need a fourth guy,’ and they all had a meeting, I guess, and were like, ‘Who could be the fourth dude?’ They were like, ‘Well, Adam Cole really likes video games and Adam Cole seems like a cool dude. Let’s ask him and honestly, if it doesn’t work, we don’t like it, we don’t have chemistry with him, then we’ll just look for somebody else.’ So, I was kinda on trial in the beginning. Which I didn’t even know. But, literally halfway through the first episode they knew, I knew. It was like we’d been doing it forever," he said.

Cole continued, discussing the bond he's formed with the three men and how they've helped others through the pandemic with their weekly Uno battles.

"One of the coolest things with that is, again, those three have become three of my best friends now through this whole thing. I just love those guys to death. Like you had briefly touched on, it is so true. I get just as many comments or notifications or whatever it is about DaParty and about UpUpDownDown as I do about wrestling now. Because, again, to read stuff like—and it’s important not to brush over this—but, to read stuff like, ‘Hey, you don’t understand what I was going through. This happened through the pandemic, me and my friends get together and it’s the hardest we laugh every single week and you guys make my week just by four guys virtually playing Uno.’ It’s crazy, but it’s amazing. That’s why it’s so important to me and Breeze and Woods and Cesaro," said Cole.

As a way to give back to the fans, DaParty highlights five Twitter comments each week during the latest episode.

Woods may regret choosing Cole to join DaParty as the former NXT Champion aligned himself with Breeze & Cesaro to form LeftLeftRightRight. With the backing of Chugs (Cole) and Swiss (Cesaro), Prince Pretty became the longest reigning UUDD Champion and is the current LRLR Champion.

You can find Cole's comments on Breeze's involvement in UUDD and his release by clicking here.

Watch the full interview with Cole in the video above.

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