AEW Talent Haven't Heard From MJF Since His Dynamite Promo In LA

MJF has effectively vanished from the wrestling scene.

Fightful has followed up numerous times about where MJF has been since his post-Double or Nothing promo on AEW Dynamite. We've not heard from a single AEW talent or staffer that has admitted to hearing from him since then, and even plenty of people who have worked with him or are close to him have said that he's not communicated with them whatsoever.

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We did confirm that after the promo on June 1, he remained in Los Angeles for several days conducting on-screen, non-wrestling related meetings. There was word last week that he was in New Jersey filming with cast members of Impractical Jokers, which is on TruTV, a Warner Bros. Discovery station.

Everyone that we've spoken to says that they've not overheard Tony Khan speak about MJF whatsoever since the June 1 promo. So far we haven't heard of anyone in wrestling that has said that they've even spoken to MJF since he left, either.

There are still some within the company that are of the belief that MJF is on his way out of the company, and wants to go to WWE. However, that isn't based on any information gained since the actual promo.

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