AJ Styles Didn't Know About "The Weenomenal One" Before It Happened

The Weenomenal One was apparentlya big hit.

AJ Styles has been known to get heated, especially when losing at video games, but it doesn't seem that he had that kind of reaction when Hornswoggle used his likeness on a recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

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After weeks of teases of AJ Styles on IMPACT Wrestling, the company – and more specifically Karl Anderson – debuted Hornswoggle as the Weenomenal One. AJ Styles was said to have not known that this was coming, but based on those we spoke to seemed to think it was great. We've not heard of any issues of Swoggle using the old TNA theme – which they still have the rights to – or the gear and likeness. The spot was a big hit among the IMPACT and WWE locker rooms according to those we heard from.

Hornswoggle and Styles have never faced each other in the ring, and Swoggle was released by WWE just a few months after Styles joined in 2016.

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