Alex Hammerstone Signs Multi-Year Extension With MLW, Discusses The Negotiation Process

Your boy Hammer is staying with MLW for years to come.

Alex Hammerstone is one of the Homegrown talents of MLW. The inaugural and currently longest-reigning MLW National Openweight Champion grew his brand and his stock in MLW to such a degree where a match against Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Title was inevitable.

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When Hammerstone finally got that match, he defeated Fatu and put the entire MLW brand on his back.

As first reported by Fightful Select, Alex Hammerstone, the current reigning and defending Major League Wrestling World Champion has agreed to a multi-year agreement with Court Bauer and his promotion

Speaking about his decision to re-sign with the promotion in a new interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Hammerstone appreciated the fact that Bauer took a chance on him when other promotions were not yet seeing his value.

“They had brought it up to me and planted the seed a while back. it was something that we touched base here and there, starting to chip away at the little details. Finally, we got on the phone, ironed it out, and figured out what we actually had to do to make it happen to keep both parties happy. I'm glad we were able to.

“At the risk of sounding cocky or overconfident, there comes a time where you have to realize that you are bringing more to the table and you have created more value for yourself. I was very fortunate. A lot of people don't realize MLW gave me an opportunity when I didn't have a lot of stock in the industry. Now, coming to a point where maybe I do hold a little bit more cards in my hand. There were things I was looking out for because you realize there are going to be other offers on the table. A lot of people like to prematurely think they have a lot of value when they don't. They'll say, 'this guy should go to this company or that company' and it's like, none of those companies even want them. Once you do get to a point where I felt like I would have had options at my fingertips, I had to make sure I was in a position where I felt taken care of.

"They were able to afford that. Just considering the fact that I'm not getting any younger. I've been in the business for ten years now and it's nice to finally be in a position where I'm really starting to see a return from it. Beyond that, there are a lot of things that MLW offers me that other companies might not. Not an intense schedule, not the demand of being on the road five days a week or something like that. That's not something I might ever want to do. As my time goes on in wrestling, I always say, 'I wrestle for free, but you have to pay me to travel.' I love the wrestling part, but the traveling kicks my ass and is the most frustrating part of it. There are a lot of advantages at MLW right now. As far as the contract goes, we were able to come to something I was happy with."

In regards to potentially obtaining other offers, Hammerstone says he did not receive any other offers because he was signing an extension.

“I've kind of seen the landscape of wrestling changing so quickly. The kind of realization that nothing is guaranteed anymore. Also, I've always been a huge proponent of the cream rises to the top. If you're good enough, you'll get what's yours. We're almost at a point in wrestling where there is almost such an over-saturation of talent that being talented isn't enough. You have to be at the right place at the right time, which I think is something that a lot of people have used as a cop-out at times, but now I feel it's true. Watching companies like WWE release a multitude of guys who are legitimate world championship material. I've always thought Kevin Kross [Karrion Kross], since he got into the business, 'If WWE gets their hands on him and puts the machine behind him, he's going to be the next megastar.' Beyond even wrestling, I thought he was a movie star. He's the most charismatic dude in the world. To watch him, now he's without a job. I'm sure he's going to be fine, but it makes you realize that things are changing so fast, nothing is guaranteed, you're not sure who is looking for what. All those things play a factor when you're re-negotiating.”

For Hammerstone, the relationship he has with Court Bauer is most important to him because he understands that the company is not just trying to tie him down but rather putting stock into what he can bring to the table and in turn, enhance the world of professional wrestling in MLW.

“Having a more personal one-on-one relationship with people in the office and Court himself and realizing there is a trust and value there, that it's more than just 'we're trying to lock you up because we don't want people to have you. No, we place value in you, we see what you're going to bring to the table, we want you to be a big part of this company moving forward.' I feel that duty and responsibility and pride of elevating the company and taking something that isn't as well known as it could be or should be at this point and hopefully bringing more attention to the product.”

Now, Hammerstone is the face of the brand as MLW continues to evolve into new business endeavors such as their partnership with VICE TV and their expansion into Mexico with the MLW Azteca brand.

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