Alexander Wolfe Didn't Know He'd Be Leaving WWE When Imperium Split Happened

WWE is in cost-cutting mode, and an integral part of two big factions in recent years was a casualty.

Axel Tischer, formerly Alexander Wolfe, was seeing his contract come up with the company, and instead of a renegotiation period he was informed that it'd just lapse. When speaking to Fightful days after the situation, he opened up about how he was feeling.

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"I wasn't too much down after the message. I was a little flustered and sour, but I had a nice conversation with the office on the phone and it was a business decision. I fully understand that, even if it sucks because it's me. I didn't need a lot of time to digest it. I'm in the mood of, it sucks to not make that much money with sitting at home or having one or two days or work. In the end, sometimes you have to be forced into a better way or someone has to show you a way or a destiny. I'm in a good mood and positive about my future," Tischer told Fightful in an interview.

Just hours before news emerged that Tischer was on his way out of WWE, he was kicked out of the Imperium group in which he'd long been a part of. According to Tischer, he wasn't told ahead of the angle about his planned release.

"It was a surprise," Tischer said. "I knew about the split the day before. On Tuesday, everything happened on television. The day after, I got a call from the WWE office and I was positive about it because I knew my contract was coming up. I was asking if I could move back to Europe and continue my work with NXT UK. I wanted to move back for family reasons. They probably fulfilled my wish without signing me to a new contract. It turned out what I wanted, but it was shocking to me as I was thinking we were going to talk about [moving] and it was shocking. 'Hey, we let you go, we're not firing you, but we won't renew your contract due to the pandemic. Global travel is not possible.' I don't know (why they wouldn't have me do NXT UK). The investment wasn't worth it anymore? I would agree to disagree. It's their decision. If they want to save money because I wasn't on a good contract, that's their decision and I'm good with it. I'm sure I will find another place where I can express myself more and better and where the value of my talent is more appreciated."

Wolfe was hopeful he'd stay with WWE, but didn't press the matter with higher ups. He revealed to Fightful how the process did and didn't end up happening.

"I tried to speak to Triple H about it, but he was super busy as always. He told me he would get back to me and after that, I would not continue to bother. I understand he's super busy and will not only be thinking of me. I spoke with a person from talent relations and she passed it on to the NXT talent relations manager. They knew about it. I don't know if it was a point of 'Hey, he wants to go back to Europe and we don't know what to do with him at the moment.' Even if I believe there was a story to tell, especially after the betrayal of my former Imperium fellas. In the end, it's my thinking and what I believe. I'm not creative or the boss. I would wish for another reason. You can't tell me you do budget cuts because of the pandemic if you can fly in and fly out people. I have no problem quarantining. I feel there is something else, but they maybe don't want to split on bad terms. I have no reason to bury them. It's a sick feeling in the stomach and I try not to think about it. I overthink and it takes away from what is front of me. I'm a positive guy and I'm grateful for my six years," Wolfe said.

You can see our full interview with the former Alexander Wolfe at the top of the page.

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