Alicia Atout Discusses Her New Role In MLW, Locker Room's Reaction To Her Turning On Alex Hammerstone

'The Interview Queen' is no more in MLW.

Alicia Atout is widely regarded as one of the best backstage interviewers in wrestling today. Whether you know her from her short stint with AEW or from her current tenure with Major League Wrestling, Atout is very recognizably within the pro wrestling landscape for her interview skills.

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Atout recently became more involved with the MLW product when she and Richard Holliday attacked MLW Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone on a recent episode of MLW Fusion.

In a new interview with Fightful, Atout revealed how her new role first came about.

"One time Court and I were on a phone call checking in on a few things. I told him, ‘I love the interviewing so much and I’ll always enjoy talking to people behind the scenes, but I know I can offer a lot more to the company and I know that we can shock a lot of people.’ That’s all I said. He said, ‘Oh, cool. We’ll definitely circle back on it.’ That’s all that was said that day. Then I think it was eight months later, they said, ‘Hey, this is something we think would be really fun. You guys are together. Why not just bring that real life aspect and put it into MLW?’ I though, ‘Oh, my gosh. I get to work with Richard more. Amazing! [I get] to stir stuff up."

Despite being universally loved in the interviewer role, Atout always knew she could contribute more to MLW and was getting tired of just holding a microphone.

"I also knew I had more to show. I genuinely was really tired of just listening to other people talk. That’s gonna sound douchey, but I don’t give a shit. I was so tired of hearing everybody else get mic time when I knew that I could really deliver on that aspect. So once they gave me the opportunity and they’re gonna give me even more going forward. I’m so hyped about it. I knew I could just run with it and really show people I’m not gonna just stand there a hold a mic. I can actually be a part of this show and a very important part."

The locker room's mood can be essential to making a pro wrestling show run like a well oiled machine. Atout also revealed in the interview that her co-workers were shocked that she turned on Alex Hammerstone.

"The moment that everything happened where I ‘turned’ on Hammer— however all the marks want to say it—the moment that that happened, I felt incredible walking back through that curtain. I had Richard wrapped around me, like it was such a good moment. We felt like we really made our statement. I had everybody coming up to me from Alex Kane, NJ Nduka, Emilio in the back. All the boys are like, ‘What just happened? We did not expect that.’ They had no clue what was
about to go down. But they did know my frustrations going on within the Dynasty and MLW and how I really wanted my voice to be heard."

But sometimes, being shocked can be a good thing. Atout made it clear that some wrestlers backstage were actually proud of her and excited to see where she went with the new dynamic going forward.

"So I think they were shocked, but they were also kind of proud. I have an incredible relationship with a lot of the guys in the back. The thing is, even though people are seeing a new side of me, I won’t treat you terribly unless you’ve crossed me. So I’m not going to walk up to someone and slap them across the face unless they deserve it. So it’s a new dynamic where they were really proud and hyped, but they were also confused. ‘Wow, okay, this is happening going forward. Alright.’ It kind of shook up the locker room."

Atout is set to be in the corner of her on-screen and off-screen companion Richard Holliday when he challenges Alex Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at the Kings Of Colosseum event on Friday, May 13th in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania.

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