Allie Kat SHOOTS SOFTLY On Mance Warner, Ricky Starks, Ethan Page, Veda Scott, More

It's not hard to get Allie Kat to tap into her innocent kitten side and say nice things about other wrestlers.

The latest in our "Wrestlers Saying Nice Things" series, now renamed "SHOOTING SOFTLY," features the playful Allie Kat talking about friends and foes alike. 

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Jody Threat, her sometimes tag team partner:

"Badass Canadian. So good. Obviously, we were getting up there. Having a ton of fun in Alpha-1 and then we did C*4 and then borders are closed."


Ethan Page, who we asked her to bury:

"Oh, my God, don’t do this on my—don’t. Don’t. I don’t want to hear it from him. Amazing father and husband."



"Very nice, very evil."


Veda Scott

"Amazing commentator. Amazing cat lady. Amazing woman. She loves cats. Why do you think I have either a) wrestled her so many times or b) tagged with her so many times?"


Tenille Dashwood

"Yes. She’s so nice. I was very intimidated, obviously. I was like her first match back. It went so well. I was like, ‘Oh, thank God. Yes. Yes, I did good.’ Yes, phew, I didn’t screw it up. Good job."


Mance Warner

"That is my boy. He’s one of the first people I connected with when I moved to Indy, like three years ago. So, nothing but good things to say except I’m not a light beer fan. It’s gross. Beer is gross. If I’m going to drink or consume anything, I want to enjoy it. So, beer is gross. Sorry, y’all."


Rickey Shane Page

"I thought you were gonna say Ricky Starks and I was gonna be like, ‘Yeah! Woo!’ Rickey Shane Page. He’s a wrestler. He does what he… He shows up."


Ricky Starks:

"Ricky Starks—best wrestler in the entire world!?"


Indi Hartwell:

"Impressive is what she is. She’s very peng. P-E-N-G."


Solo Darling:

"Oh, I love. Intimidating, strong woman. I was so scared of her the first time I met her when I first started training. But, she’s so sweet. She just cares so much about wrestling and the craft and I was like not even a year in. She came to my school and was hanging out with [Ricky and Jojo]. She was like, ‘No. Do your hip toss like this.’ I was like, ‘Yes, ma’am. You’re right. I’m sorry. Yes."


Thunder Rosa

"Yes. Very serious, strong woman. Knows what she wants."


You can see our full interview with Allie Kat at the top of the page, and can watch GCW Slime Season on GCW's Youtube.

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