How Allysin Kay Got On Bloodsport Card, Where She Stands With WWE And Impact

Allysin Kay is a world traveler, and it's paid off in experience in major companies and indie companies alike.

Kay has established herself both regionally and nationally, and is still looking to branch out. She's been announced for Josh Barnett's Bloodsport II, as the first female competitor since the brand launched with Matt Riddle last year.

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"I tweeted earlier this year that I wanted to get booked for a Bloodsport next year. I was thinking at like WrestleCon Weekend. I didn’t realize they were even running again this year. And I said I wanted to get booked so I could, quote unquote, “Butterbean these hoes -- and then it actually happened. So that gained a lot of traction, a lot of people were excited about that. I am absolutely interested in incorporating more of that into my style. I’ve been training and fighting in mixed martial arts for several years now. It was a weird transition for me because I was already wrestling for years before I started training in MMA. So, I didn’t want to suddenly change my character and like, “I’m an MMA fighter now, I’m gonna wear a mouth guard to the ring.” And I felt that was kind of hokey, ‘cause I’ve seen people do it and I feel it’s a good substitution if you have less of a personality, no offense. But I just feel if you already have something going, why change it? But I would absolutely be interested in seeing what we can do here. I think this where I’m supposed to shove history down your throat. “We’re making history! This is the first time a woman is booked on Bloodsport!” said Kay.

For Kay, this is an opportunity to showcase a new style, in front of a possibly new audience, and in a new promotion.

A year prior, Kay had her first matches for WWE as a part of the Mae Young Classic tournament. She lost both matches, but feels like she made a positive impression on the company, at least based on the feedback she got -- which she said was too good to be true.

"I got so much good feedback that I almost thought people were lying to me," said Kay. "Because when something like that happens, everyone goes into something like that thinking “okay, my ultimate goal is to get a contract” or something like that. If that doesn’t happen you think, “well I did something wrong.” But nobody had anything bad to say. So it was weird. It was weird to get so much good feedback at the same time. A lot of people have told me that was their favorite match from the Classic from the first round or from the whole thing. I actually just tweeted about it today because it’s one year ago today that the first tapings were. So that was my first match back after eight months was at the Mae Young Classic. (As far as a contract) I wouldn’t say I expected one, but of course it’s a possibility. Everyone that’s going through their doors, there’s a possibility of a contract. So it’s an option. And I mean at that point my biggest goal was just to survive and have a great match because it was a really big stage to come back on."

Before Bloodsport and WWE's Mae Young Classic, there was Impact Wrestling. For two years, Kay was a major part of the roster under her "Sienna" moniker, and captured several championships along the way. While she says things are fine now, she admits that the experience was fast and furious, comprised of rapid-fire changes upon her introduction.

"Oh, man. When I first got to Impact I feel like it changed five times in the first month. There were so many changes going on already, so I can only imagine how people who had been there for years felt. I’m still on good terms with Impact and the office and at Impact and all that. Some of my best friends still work there. I mean, anything is possible. I don’t think I’ve burned any bridges, I don’t think," said Kay.

As of now, Kay has moved on to the NWA, where she'll appear at their first television tapings at the end of the month, and Bloodsport weeks prior. 

You can see Allsyin Kay "Butterbean these hos" at Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 2 on September 14 from Showboat Atlantic City, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The show streams live on FITE, and tickets are available at this link.

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