Exclusive: Allysin Kay: Ditching Sienna, Picking Up The NWA Title

"Pinkies Up" is headed back to your screens very soon.

The NWA World Women's Champion Allysin Kay is a part of the new-look National Wrestling Alliance, and while you may know her as Sienna, she's hoping that changes soon. Not only that, she never wanted you to know her as Sienna in the first place! Instead, that was an Impact Wrestling call. Even though she was nationally known by the moniker, she'd prefer to pave her own way.

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"So, here’s the thing," Kay began. "My Instagram and my Twitter are verified as @Sienna, and so if I change the handle I lose the verification. Which at first I thought was maybe a big deal. And now I’m thinking not so much because it’s confusing people. And people see my handle and so they’re calling me Sienna. So I need to change that. Also, one word handles are very sought after, I’ve learned. Because I get harassed by 12 year old Siennas, on the daily, via DM on Instagram. Sienna Miller. I get tagged in a lot of her stuff, too. A lot of people, really young and really old don’t fully understand how to tag people on Instagram, so I get tagged in pictures of 10 year old Siennas; horses, that’s a very popular horse name I’ve learned; and sometimes a mini-van. a lot of people wanna keep theirs when they’ve been that for a long time. I was Sienna for couple of years and to be perfectly honest, I’ve always hated that name. I didn’t like it. I didn’t want it at first. I tried to push for other names and none of them stuck. I did not want a one word name. And they were not having it at the time. And then of course shortly after (in Impact) everyone can just be their indie name, and I’m like, “Are you kidding me?”

Kay would go as far as to specify that though she was originally advertised as "Sienna" for her upcoming Bloodsport appearance, she requested that it was changed.

That was far from the only big change in Kay's life. Earlier this year, Kay was slated to take on Jazz in an NWA Women's Title match that didn't end up happening. Instead, the title was vacated, and Kay would emerge victorious, crowned the new champ. To this day, Kay isn't quite sure all of what surrounded that situation.

"Honestly what I know is that it was the same thing that she tweeted. That it was medical and that it was personal. And I still don’t know all the details on that. And I really hope that down the road we get to have that rematch because I was really, really looking forward to that singles match," said Kay.

It doesn't look like that match is completely out of the realm of possibility, as Jazz was back in action for All Elite Wrestling at their All Out show as a participant in the Casino Battle Royal.

A recurring theme in our conversation, more change was on the way. When introduced on Ten Pounds of Gold, Jazz held a different title than Kay has sported, and even intimated that she wanted her own "Ten Pounds of Gold" much like what Nick Aldis carries. However, Kay ended up wearing a much smaller, classic design that she prefers.

"The belt is very different. It’s an older version of what it used to be. I wanna say like the 2014 version or something-- I wasn’t a huge fan of the one Jazz had. I thought it was a little gaudy. I don’t like the giant belts, I’m just not a fan. I love the smaller, old school style belts. That was actually a decision that was made at the Crockett Cup. They had both of them. There were a lot of rumors going around, and some people were like “Oh, Jazz didn’t return the belt” or something like that. But that’s not true. She did return it in time. We had the option of which one we liked better. I liked the smaller one; Billy [Corgan] liked the smaller one. And really he’s the one that made the decision. But it was fortunate that was my pick as well," said Kay.

In an interesting move, Kay ended up landing a job with the National Wrestling Alliance in the same way she found a spot in Impact Wrestling -- an attentive Dave Lagana, who serves as NWA VP.

"I’ve been good friends with [Dave] Lagana for many years. He’s actually how I got into Impact. He was following my work, he says anyway, for many years and then he contacted me about Impact for coming to one of the Knockout pay-per-views and that’s the one I ended up getting hired at. So, when he kind of got involved in the NWA stuff and I had no contract ties, he reached out and that’s how it came about. I am working, obviously not exclusively with them because I’m taking indie bookings as well, but yes, I am working with them," said Kay.

NWA has went from a mastodon of a National entity to a virtual unknown all the way back to relevance, thanks to the new regime. An upcoming set of studio tapings has Kay excited, but also still in the dark

"I know it’s starting in late September/ October 1st in Atlanta. That’s about it. That’s all the insider information I have. I’m very excited to be back in a studio. I like those things. I’m excited to see how the women’s division is developed from there. I do think with the TV deal, I think a different arrangement is also going to come about, most likely. I just don’t know what exactly that means yet," Kay closed.

The NWA is headed to Atlanta, Georgia to tape at the GPB Studios on September 30 and October 1. You can get tickets starting September 3. Kay, Nick Aldis, James Storm, Eli Drake and Ricky Starr are all advertised for the tapings.

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