Amy Rose Says There Was Outside Interest Before She Re-Signed With ROH

Amy Rose has become a fixture in ROH, doing a variety of things, and she's hanging around a while.

Rose re-signed with Ring of Honor earlier this year, adding to the original contract she saw in 2019. According to Rose, she had some outside interest, but decided to stick around with Ring of Honor, where she's been for years.

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"You know, the first time was amazing. I was so excited. There were other people trying to get their claim on me and I really wanted to be with Ring of Honor and they made the jump for me," Rose told Fightful.
"They said, ‘We cannot lose you.’ It felt really good. It felt great. Then when we re-signed, that was the most uncertain time for everyone. We were all so nervous, like, ‘What’s gonna happen?’ This pandemic really put a pause on things. They said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ They took care of us and I felt confident. I felt comfortable signing again with this company and it really paid off. I got to do so much stuff since then."

Around the time she signed her first deal with ROH, the company held a talent meeting to learn concerns, improvements or adjustments they could make. Rose said that it spoke to the new direction the company was going in.

"It was awesome. It was a really good experience. It showed us that they cared about our opinions. I think a big part of why I think I like working for Ring of Honor so much is our creative freedom and the ability to voice our opinions and say, ‘Hey, maybe this isn’t really the right way. Maybe we could try this.’ They’re open to suggestions. It’s not like, ‘Hey, you gotta do this. You gotta follow the rules.’ A lot of other companies can get pretty strict and it can be kinda tense. It feels comfortable. It feels like you’re with your family. It feels nice to be able to put your ideas and make them come true. They’re so open to everything we have to say," said Rose.

Now, after a year and a half, fans are returning to ROH shows for July's Best in the World. After

"It’s amazing. It’s been so long since I’ve been in front of an audience. To the point where I’m not even sure how it’s going to feel to hear that first crowd interaction and everyone cheering. It’s gonna be amazing. I know that everyone on the roster is so pumped for this. We’ve been wanting a crowd for such a long time and we’re finally here. We’re finally ready. Best in the World is gonna be huge and tickets are still available. I want to see that place packed. So, please. Come to the show," she said.

During that time without fans, Amy Rose was able to learn some things that she wouldn't have been able to otherwise. We asked her to compare and contrast the situations

"I think without fans there is a level of comfort. You’re not as nervous about messing something up. You have the ability to take your time a little more. You don’t have that high pressure and you’re not gonna have people chanting, ‘You messed up! You messed up!’ So, it feels really good to not have that part of it. But, I will say on the flip side, you kinda need that pressure. You need those people watching your every moment ‘cause that’s what’s going to keep you sharp. That’s what’s going to make sure you don’t mess up. So, I cannot wait," she said.

You can see our full interview with Amy Rose at the top of the page. ROH's Best In The World takes place at the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena on July 11, 2021 in Catonsville Maryland, with fans returning to the audience for ROH for the first time since early 2020.

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