Angel Garza And Humberto Carrillo's WWE Deals Up This Summer, In Negotiations

Another WWE contract is set to expire this summer, Fightful Select has confirmed.

Angel Garza, a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion is set to have his WWE contract expire on August 1, Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp and Corey Brennan have learned after Lucha Libre Online reported recently that his deal was coming up soon. Garza also is a former 24/7 Champion and has been performing with Legado Del Fantasma of late.

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We’ve learned that the two sides have been negotiating and that there is an offer on the table from WWE.

The 31-year old Angel Garza also performed in TNA, AAA, among other companies. He first signed with WWE in the spring of 2019, after performing under the name Garza Jr. Ironically enough, his real first name is Humberto, the name of his tag team partner. Garza has been performing on the Smackdown brand, and is scheduled for this upcoming weekend’s show. He’d be able to continue using the “Garza” name outside of WWE, but not Angel.

Shortly after Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp and Corey Brennan reported that Angel Garza’s WWE contract was set to expire on August 1, we were able to confirm that Humberto Carrillo’s contract is also set to expire on the same day.

Much like with his tag team partner Angel Garza, we’re told WWE is interested in retaining Humberto and an offer has been made, with the two sides negotiating.

The 28-year old Humberto Carrillo performs under his real name, and would be able to continue using that name outside of WWE if he chose. Carrillo was brought into WWE in the Summer of 2018 and signed to the company. He was drafted to the WWE Raw brand in the fall of 2019.

Fightful will work to learn more about the upcoming contract expiration.

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