Arisa Nakajima Talks Sukeban, Commander Character, Sareee | Interview

Scott Edwards spoke with Arisa Nakajima, Sukeban’s Commander Nakajima, ahead of Sukeban’s second event in Miami on December 6th.

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Edwards: At Sukeban's second event in Miami, you will be facing Ichigo Sayaka for the Sukeban World Championship. What would it mean to you to fight to win the inaugural championship and what should we expect from you in the title match?

Nakajima: “Being the inaugural champion means becoming the face of Sukeban. I want to stand right in the heart of the Sukeban organization. I hope to deliver overwhelming victories and live up to those expectations.”

Edwards: Sareee has signed with Sukeban and will be making her debut at the second event. You have a history with her, teaming up with her in SEAdLINNNG recently. What are your thoughts about her coming to Sukeban? Will your previous relationship with her cause any problems?

Nakajima: “Well, Japanese rings and the Sukeban rings are very different things. But no matter where I am in the world, I still hate Sareee.”

Edwards: What has it been like taking up the Commander Nakajima character and how is it different from the Arisa Nakajima we are used to seeing?

Nakajima: “People around me say that Commander Nakajima is closer to Arisa Nakajima's true nature, but for me, it's a new challenge. No matter what I do, I get booed, and that kind of reaction is fun.”

Edwards: Sukeban is a unique promotion, bringing Japanese women's pro wrestling to America. When signing with the company, what excited you most about the new opportunity?

Nakajima: “Since I've always loved anime, I got really excited when I saw my character moving! I want to continue to explore the Commander Nakajima character and create even more interesting stories going forward.”

Edwards: You are a member of the Dangerous Liaisons with Risa Sera, Saori Anou, and Miyuki Takase. What is your goal for the group moving forward in Sukeban?

Nakajima: “I want to make a mess of every other team! We'll prove that Dangerous Liaisons are the strongest and most interesting presence in wrestling.”

Edwards: In an interview with Sareee, she called you one of her toughest opponents. For those who will watch Sukeban for the first time on December 6th, how would you describe yourself as a wrestler?

Nakajima: “What I’m going to show at Sukeban Miami is Commander Nakajima through and through. I hope people are looking forward to it because it’s going to be special.”


A big thank you to Nakajima and Sukeban for helping us put this interview together.

You’ll be able to check out Sukeban’s second show from Miami this Wednesday night as it will air live on CEO Gaming’s Twitch Channel.

Nakajima will be in the main event of the show, facing Ichigo Sayaka (Unagi Sayaka) with the Sukeban World Championship on the line.

Here’s the full card for the show.

-- Sukeban World Championship: Commander Nakajima vs. Ichigo Sayaka

-- Sareee vs. Atomic Banshee vs. Babyface vs. Countess Saori

-- Queen Takase & KONAMI vs. Maya Mamushi & Saki Bimi

-- Lady Antoinette vs. Crush Yuu

-- Supersonic, Stray Cat & Riko Blondie vs. Midnight Player, BINGO & Otaku-chan

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