Asahi Talks Ice Ribbon, Tsukasa Fujimoto, And More | INTERVIEW

As the final month of 2022 gets underway, there are a number of wrestlers to look back on from the year who have done their best to make a name for themselves. Ice Ribbon has seen a lot of their roster do just that but perhaps none more than Asahi.

Despite not winning any championship gold up until this point, Asahi has become one of the true faces of Ice Ribbon. Her biggest match of the year came against Tsukushi Haruka for the ICExInfinity Championship on May 4 at Ice Ribbon's Yokohama Budokan show. While she came up short, it was a major moment as she nearly defeat Haruka in what would be her final singles match before officially retiring later in the night.

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Fightful's Scott Edwards had a chance to ask Asahi a series of questions in the latest interview of the Ice Ribbon series as she discussed what got her into wrestling, facing Tsukushi Haruka, and what Tsukasa Fujimoto has taught her.

See what Asahi had to say below!

What inspired you to become a professional wrestler?

My uncle loves pro wrestling, so he would watch it on VHS. We started watching together.

In your opinion, what makes Ice Ribbon such a special place?

I was only interested in watching women’s pro wrestling, and when I was a fan, it was the promotion that I watched the most.

What does “Be Happy with Pro Wrestling” mean to you?

For the audience to come see a show, and leave with a smile on their face.

What does it mean to Asahi to continue that legacy of the Ice Ribbon Dojo, a venue that is as synonymous with a promotion as any other building-company in the pro wrestling world, with the weekly shows, Princess’s Party, Pro Wrestling Circle, and everything else?

To be honest, it’s hard!

I love pro wrestling, but while I’m still looking back at one match, the next match is already coming… It’s so busy!

But being immersed in pro wrestling every day is the best!

You and Kaho Matsushita were high school classmates, and you're now both pro-wrestlers within Ice Ribbon. How has it been working alongside Kaho in the dojo and getting to learn together again — this time pro wrestling?

I don’t think there were any sensational feelings on my part! It’s just that my friend became a wrestler! It’s fun!

You also challenged for the International Ribbon Tag Team Championship with Kaho. Would you consider it one of your own personal goals to eventually win them with her down the line?

Right now, more than the tag belt, I want the ICEx∞belt, which is the symbol of our promotion!

Then someday, I would like to wear the Ribbon Tag belt as Year 1 Class 9 (Asahi & Kaho’s tag team)

At Ice Ribbon’s Yokohama Budokan show, you faced Tsukushi Haruka in the final singles match of her career for the ICExInfinity Championship. Despite losing, how much of an honor was it to compete in such an important match in her career and Ice Ribbon history?

I lost, but Tsukushi showed me a final match that was all about “Be Happy with Pro Wrestling” up to the very end.

I thought, being the person who was chosen to challenge for the belt in the end, that I was the one who was closest to getting that belt. However, the current champion is Saori Anou. It’s frustrating!

Which wrestler do you believe challenges you the most in the ring?


What’s one fact international fans should know about Asahi that they may not know?

Asahi truly loves pro wrestling! Love!!

Are you excited about the new era of Ice Ribbon?

Ice Ribbon is always in a new era. No matter who quits or leaves, or whether new people come in or not
Ice Ribbon is always new. Whether people who quit or leave, whether new ones come or not, it's always new!!

Saori Anou won the ICExInfinity Championship tournament. Is it your main goal to be the Ice Ribbon roster member who defeats her for the title?

Of course!

Is there a wrestler you have not faced before that you’d like to in the future?

No one at the moment.

You’re only 19 years old and have your whole career ahead of you. What do you hope to accomplish in your career? (asked prior to her birthday)

I already turned 20! I want to fight different sorts of wrestlers and improve my skills in pro wrestling!

Being a part of Ice Ribbon, you’d have had the chance to learn from Tsukasa Fujimoto. What has her teachings meant to you? How much has she meant to your career to this point?

Hmmm, oh yeah.

When I was always being put in the opener, I cried during the post-match discussion saying that I found it frustrating.

Fujimoto-san said, “For those who came to watch pro wrestling for the first time today, Asahi’s match was the first wrestling match that they’ve seen. Also, if the first match was bad, then the mood going towards the main will be bad. That’s why the opener is the most important of all.”

From then on, I thought that it was important to liven things up and set the mood right from the opener.

A huge thank you to Asahi for taking the time to answer these questions. Also thanks to Ice Ribbon and Yappy for helping us make this happen.

If you want to follow Asahi and her career, follow her on Twitter: @_asahi0827

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