Backstage Reactions To WWE Announcing Smackville Special

WWE is looking at live event Network Specials on short notice.

WWE announced a WWE Network special from Nashville on nine days' notice, but it's in line with "The Shield's Final Chapter," as well. When we inquired about why this was happening, several backstage gave Fightful a variety of reasons.

One was the ability to counter program at the drop of a hat. With AEW coming along soon, WWE want to know that they'll be able to effectively program content, have it look and run well on short notice. That being said, we were also told that isn't necessarily a concern of theirs, as they rarely have issues. Other reasons included injuries and event cancellations that extend beyond WWE's control, and them having the ability to run a show to adjust for those.

WWE ran an EVOLVE special recently up against All Elite Wrestling's Fight For The Fallen show. We're told to expect more of this in the immediate future. WWE is also running an NXT UK show up against NJPW Royal Quest, and the same day as AEW All Out, albeit earlier in the afternoon.

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