Ben Carter Talks Breakout AEW Performances, Is Down To Team With Lee Johnson

Ben Carter had a breakout performance on AEW Late Night Dynamite and Dark on September 22. For him, it's been a whirlwind.

Going from emerging prospect to in-demand name happened really quickly. He was brought in without knowing much, let alone what would lie ahead.

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"Not a lot," Ben Carter told Fightful of what he was briefed on ahead of the tapings. "Just that that I knew I was wrestling in some capacity. But, when I rocked up on the first day of those set of tapings and I saw that I was wrestling Scorpio Sky on a TV special, I had to, like, double check it. I asked a couple of people, “Is that a mistake? I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be on Dark in a five minute match.” So, I was very much surprised by that. Very thankful for it. They had the faith in me to go out there and mix it up on national television with one of their top guys. I was very shocked."

Carter took on Lee Johnson in the Main Event of AEW Dark at roughly 8:15 PM EST, then opened Late Night Dynamite shortly before 1 AM with Scorpio Sky on TNT. Both matches had been taped weeks prior, but the latter got a lead in from an NBA playoff game.

"It was a very high pressure situation and I luckily felt like I coped with the pressure well. Everyone was proper supportive and positive about everything. It was surreal having all these people say, “Oh, you did really well.” These guys that I’ve watched for ages, being in the same locker room as them to begin with was very [mind blowing]. But, then to have them come up to me and give critiques and tell me I did well here, did well there, stuff to work on, it was great. Insane experience. Again, my brain can’t comprehend how cool that is. I don’t know what the stats were, like how many people actually seen it, but I know it’s probably quite a lot of people. That was very cool. Again, I’m very thankful for the opportunity and to have [Chris] Jericho and Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone and Excalibur calling my match, it’s insane. I had a whole load of emotions and all of them good," Carter said.

The buzz for the Scorpio Sky match was already high because of Carter's match with Lee Johnson. Two unsigned talent headlined AEW Dark and competed in one of the best matches the program has ever had.

"Lee [Johnson]’s amazing," Carter said. "I think it was really good that he got given the time with me to go out there and say, “No restrictions. Just go out there and put on a show.” That was really cool that that ended up being the case. Lee’s a goddamn superstar. So, hopefully that match helps catapult him to greater things as well ‘cause he definitely is good enough, he definitely deserves it. I was glad that we got given the opportunity to go out there and have a banger, which is what we did. We’re pleased with that."

The story goes for James Storm and Chris Harris of America's Most Wanted were so good as opponents that they were made teammates. Carter is open to that with Johnson.

"Yeah, totally," Carter said of a potential team. "I think anything that would be given to me, I’d like to think I’d make it work. My little sister watched the Lee match and she was like, 'You guys are like twins. You guys do the exact same moves.' It would definitely work. I’d be interested in it. But, we’ll see what happens in the future.

The fun didn't end there. Carter's sister got to watch the match after the fact, and her reaction was caught on social media.

"I’m all about trying to fill the time with good material and my mom sent me that and I was like, “No way, you got her reaction to the whole thing.” When the three count hit, I can’t explain the feeling. ‘Cause I’ve watched wrestling with her ever since she was a little kid. Back when I didn’t even know I was gonna be a wrestler yet. So, I can’t describe the feeling of her watch me on a big stage and getting a win as well. She was very proud. She gives me a lot of stick sometimes when I lose. So, I was glad that I was able to get the win and show her that I’m actually alright," Carter said.

You can see our full interview with Ben Carter at the top of the page, and follow him on Twitter at this link.

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