Blue Meanie Breaks Down Whether Some Wrestling Personalities Are ACTUALLY Meanies

We're always trying new things at Fightful, some of them hit, some of them miss.

In the spirit of Manly or Not Manly with Silas Young and Bro Or No with Robbie E, we've decided to give you the content you want -- Meanie or not, with the Blue Meanie. Because these are the things you're concerned about in life.

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Are these people mean? Are they not? Well, find out. 

Hollywood Nova

He can be a meanie. He’s a Cowboys fan, so he’s automatically a meanie. Me being an Eagles fan, him being a Cowboys fan, somehow we peacefully co-existed. Though, he is a meanie.

Danny Cage

Danny’s a hustler, man. He speaks his mind. I wouldn’t call him a meanie. Because he’s doing a lot of good things. I seen him do a lot of good things for students who were in need. You know, “Hey, can you help me with this, help me with that?” He does a lot of things on the down low. Nah, he’s definitely not a meanie. He’s a good hearted guy.


Former meanie. Even though Taz had the reputation of “Brother,” you know… He suplexed me and I seen parts of my body I ain’t seen since birth. So, no. Taz was always cool to me, surprisingly given his reputation. Now that he’s done wonderful things with CBS radio and stuff like that he’s cooled out. He’s mellowed. You see the real Taz that a lot of us got to see, but the public didn’t see. Taz is awesome.

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