Bushwhackers Remember Their Appearance On Family Matters

The Bushwhackers, the Sheepherders, the Pyscho Twins!

The latter might not be as memorable to you, but they probably are to Jaleel White. The Bushwhackers appeared on an episode of Family Matters opposite Steve Urkel and Carl Winslow under the Pyscho Twins moniker. The gimmick was the exact same as the Bushwhackers just with a different name.

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Speaking with Fightful recently, the reunited Bushwhackers revealed the process of making the experience happen!


"Actually, they asked Vince if they could have us because they were fans of the Bushwhackers and Urkel was a huge fan, so was the uncle. So, when they heard the opportunity, that if they got a hold of the WWE and asked for us and Vince, let us go. But, the funny part about that was, what happens is, the filming’s a little bit different. In television, you actually work to the cameras. So, if you got a hold on, you turn to the cameras so the camera can see the hold. In filming sitcoms or movies apparently, the cameras catch you. They put the camera in the position to get you. So, you don’t do things to the camera. So, we were, of course, were doing things like we did in the wrestling. So, we had to change that smartly, which we did."

"But, in the trials, they had an audience, a small audience, before they did the major taping and they had this one woman, she was a stunt woman, and she would, as we marched down to the ring to come into the ring against Steve Urkel and his uncle, she got out and I was to grab her and go, ‘Whoa and yay!’ Of course, I gave her a good licking. Well, the make-up she had on her face was so heavy that it closed my throat up completely. So, I got in the ring and I’m gasping for air the whole time. I can hardly make a noise. So, we get through that and afterwards, then the next day they let the audience in."


"For the final shoot, the next day was the final shoot."


"The final shoot the next day. Well, they had this girl come up again, pop up, and I was getting carried away. People were waving their arms and chanting and they were going crazy. It felt like the bloody Wembley Stadium again, but a bit smaller. So, I was always getting carried away. So, I grab this woman without thinking and I gave her another big bloody slopper licking. Well, guess what happened. Silly me, my throat closes up. I get in the ring, I do that whole bloody performance feeling so bad I’m nearly bending down to spew into a bucket all the time. After it was all over, I had to go out and spew my bloody guts out. Other than that, God, we had a good time doing that. Didn’t we, Luke?"


"Yeah. They were a great cast there. A great cast."


"Very good."

You can see our full interview with the Bushwackers at the top of the page!

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