C*4 Wrestling Promoter Mark Pollesel Reflects On Booking Junior Benito vs. Titus Alexander

C*4 Wrestling promoter Mark Pollesel discusses booking Junior Benito against Titus Alexander.

On September 15, 2023, Junior Benito wrestled Titus Alexander at C*4 Walking The Edge. This clash between two of independent wrestling's youngest rising stars ended with Alexander toppling Benito. However, Mark Pollesel is confident that that won't be the last time these two stars are put across the squared circle from one another, as he explained recently during an appearance on Fightful Overbooked's Indied.

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Pollesel also reveals that it is partially the love shown to Titus by people such as Righteous Reg that inspired him to book Alexander in the first place.

"It's your love that got me to book Titus," he says. "Reg, for a long time, you've been praising Titus in West Coast [Pro Wrestling], and I tried to get him up here a year ago. It finally lined up, and I was able to get him up here, and he's really really good. Also, the parallels I see between Junior and Titus are like - I see a lot of parallels between them, and I was happy to be able to have that match. Hopefully, the first of many times those two cross paths. It's funny, I'm pretty sure in West Coast and here, Junior and Titus both did the same program with Davey Richards. Even so much so that once they beat Davey Richards in the blow-off, Davey cut almost the exact same promo post-match, putting them over, and it was like a couple of weeks apart."

Pollesel reiterates that he doesn't think he'll be the last booker to put that match together and believes that rivalry has the potential to go on for many years to come.

"Like I said, I was excited to be able to be the first booker to put that together, and I'm sure I won't be the last. Hopefully, I won't be the last, and hopefully, it's something that'll be a rivalry that will go on for another decade because those two, I don't want to say are mirror images of each other, but they have so many similarities and their rise has mirrored each other."

As mentioned, Titus Alexander is a featured wrestler in West Coast Pro Wrestling. Currently, Chris Hero works closely with that promotion as the matchmaker. At this link, fans can read his comments about balancing those duties with producing in AEW.

Fans can check out the full interview with Mark Pollesel embedded above.

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