Caprice Coleman Discusses His Relationship With Qatar Pro Wrestling

Caprice Coleman reflects on his journey with Qatar Pro Wrestling.

Qatar Pro Wrestling is a unique international promotion that likes to put together events with the biggest names from wrestling’s past and present.

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Having hosted events in the past with names like Eric Bischoff, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, and more, they are bringing the medium of pro wrestling to the country of Qatar, which actually started as an attempt to get pro wrestling unbanned from the country of Kuwait. Wrestling was banned in Kuwait following Vader getting physical with a morning show host during a WWE tour in 1997.

Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp, Caprice Coleman recalls how he was attempting to get wrestling back in Kuwait and how that eventually spawned Qatar Pro Wrestling

“I lived in Kuwait for three years from 2006 to 2009,” said Coleman. “I was a military contractor, worked on the military base there, working the ministry there. While I was there I was trying to get pro wrestling started in Kuwait. I wasn’t the first one. WWE had been there in the early 90’s. Something Van Vader did with one of the hosts there, he like slapped the host or did something and they literally banned pro wrestling in Kuwait.

“So I was the one trying to lift the ban of pro wrestling in Kuwait by myself, just as an American citizen. I didn’t have a lot of pull. However, the time I got there, somebody was trying to do the same thing. They had way more pull than I did. So they connected us together. It’s funny because at the time Kuwait TV and American TV were six months behind each other. So six months prior to me being in Kuwait, I was doing a lot of stuff with WWE. So when I came to Kuwait six months later, my stuff is showing that I did on WWE. So I’m going places and they’re going, ‘Hey, we know you! WWE!’ So the guy immediately knew who I was and he just started booking me on the shows that they did in Kuwait.”

He continued, “It was a tour, they’d bring in older WWE guys and some other guys from different countries. I was a part of that show. The response I got from those shows in my work rate, they said, ‘Hey, anytime we have a show, you’ll be part of it.’ They morphed off into the Qatar Pro Wrestling thing and I’ve been a part of it ever since. So even with me going home. My first tour there, I said, ‘This is probably going to be my last tour because in a few months I’m going back to America.’ They were like, ‘It doesn’t matter. If we do a show, you’ll be a part of it.’ They’ve continued to bring me back since then.”

Most of the time when he is stateside, Caprice Coleman works for Ring of Honor wrestling as a color commentator.

Ring of Honor will see the end of an era on December 11 when they present their Final Battle pay-per-view, their last show before their brief hiatus. Fightful will have live coverage of the event on December 11.

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